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This has been a great year - and all this could not have been possible without the support of all our followers! The Piano Encyclopedia now has students across 35 countries around the world AND we have collected more than 150 testimonials and success stories!

We are thankful to all our followers, and all those who wrote us words of support and helped us spread the word! All this positive energy has also motivated us to make some great and tempting updates...

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Hi everyone,

On behalf of our team and staff, we would like to thank, once again, everyone who has supported us, all our followers and all the people that sent us comments and feedback through emails. As of today, we already have students from 25 different countries!

Yes! 25 countries!!! The Piano Encyclopedia Community is growing and this is all …

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Map of the World 20 Countries

Our Exclusive Pre-release started on December of 2009 and ended this March. After an amazing success and with buyers from across all the world - we are proud to say that we have made our course available for the general public!

Today, with your support, we are tremendously proud of the course we created, and the feedback and success stories we have received from our students make us feel we are making a great contribution to changing how people learn music all around the world.