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Sweet Words From Our Students – Another Success Story!

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Hi everyone,

On behalf of our team and staff, we would like to thank, once again, everyone who has supported us, all our followers and all the people that sent us comments and feedback through emails. As of today, we already have students from 25 different countries!

Yes! 25 countries!!! The Piano Encyclopedia Community is growing and this is all because of your support!

I do not have the opportunity to meet all the students personally, but with the power of today’s technology I can reach  them and communicate with them through email or through our piano community.  So as promised, today I will share with you my latest conversation with one of our students.

Steven Ludmon is a software developer from Australia. He bought our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music” about one month ago. And a few days after he bought it, I was delighted with the following email (which he then authorized me to share):

Quote from our Students:

“Hi Rod

I’m really enjoying the course!  I spend a lot of time away from home as I work interstate and learning piano has become a great pastime for me.  Private tuition is difficult given my location and work commitments so I’ve been learning from many books, DVDs and various internet based courses such as yours.”

“I am particularly interested in studying classical and solo instrumental piano styles so I understand the importance of chords, intervals and scales – I practice these a lot anyway – but your course has shown a much simpler ways to approach them.  And I’m really looking forward to going much further with my improvisation.

The presentation of your product is quite amazing and easy to follow which is very important to me as I spend a lot of time traveling with my laptop.

Being a software developer myself I can appreciate how much time, effort and money goes into bringing a product like this to market – so congratulations to you and your team for getting it all together!”

As I have mentioned earlier, Steven is a software developer, and he is currently working in VB & Delphi for desktop applications, PHP web applications, and ABAP for business software. You can visit his website at www.ludmon.com.au.

All of our students are assigned a mentor to help and them with their learning progress. In Steven’s case, Michael Griffin (a fantastic musician from our staff) was assigned as his mentor. Steven wrote Michael several questions and had conversation during a few weeks. Michael received the following email which he pleasantly shared with me.

That email really made our day! Let me share it with you:

Quote from our Students:

“Hi Michael

I’m currently studying “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven – now I can look at all the chord movements in a new light and I can see the melody line following the rules described in the course!  There are a lot of chord movements in this piece and it is so much easier to follow them now that I know where they are going.  It’s almost like Beethoven had done the course himself.”

We are very delighted that we are making such a  difference on our student’s desire to improve their musical talents. All the effort that we spent during the past three years of development has been replaced with tears of joy. It was all worth it!!

Soon I will share more success stories of our students. So stay tuned everyone!

Best wishes, 🙂

Rod Schejtman
CEO & Founder of The Piano Encyclopedia

(I like to meet our students -Feel free to find me on Facebook and share your story with me: http://www.facebook.com/rod.schejtman 😉  )

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