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The New “Proven & Tested Piano Learning Modules” Package!


Our mission since we founded The Piano Encyclopedia is to make people’s musical dreams come true – regardless of their age, piano level or where in the world they may be.

During the last months, we asked thousands of customers across 75 countries to tell us what their piano playing ambitions were and which of our products helped them most in realizing these dreams. Through the results, we came up with our Most-Effective Learning Package – a powerful combination of modules that  have been proven-and-tested to be the most useful in reaching all    of our customers’ musical ambitions.

 Let me tell you more about what these modules and how they can help you reach all your musical ambitions:

The Ear Training Suite will help you develop the ability to play your favorite songs by ear. Imagine being able to instantly recognize chords, scales, and intervals. You can train your ear with our interactive music games and enjoy 24 exciting levels across the following sub-modules:

“Instantly Recognize Intervals” Module

» “Instantly Recognize Chords” Module

» “Instantly Recognize Scales” Module

The Sight Reading Training Suite will teach you how to read music at first sight. You will enjoy  interactive music training games that will teach you how to read sheet music by recognizing notes, intervals, and chords. This includes the following sub-modules:


» “Master the Key Signatures” Module

» “Read Notes at First Sight” Module

» “Read Intervals at First Sight” Module

» “Read Chords at First Sight” Module



The 1000 Videos Piano Gallery lets you improve your overall piano technique. Enjoy a video gallery with more than 1000 concert performances and piano master classes from the best pianists and musicians of the world. This comprises:

» 900 Videos Featuring the Most Famous Piano Concerts of All Time

» 100 Videos of the Greatest Masterclasses from the Most Elite Pianists

The Interactive Virtual Piano will let you play melodies and chords using your Computer Keyboard. It is not a replacement for a real piano but it is the perfect tool for practicing your lessons when you are far away from your piano.

The Harmony Guides let you improvise and compose your own music easily. The Harmony Guides offer 1000 interactive animations and 280 pages of interactive content that will help you to easily improvise and create your own music by harmonizing all the most common scales used in music. This includes scales used in Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical, Rock, and many others. Whatever sound you want to create – romantic, suspenseful, cheerful or anything else- you can learn how in just 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Pick the scale you want to use.
  • Step 2. The interactive book tells you which keys to play and which keys not to play to create a new melody.
  • Step 3. Once you have the new melody, the book tells you which chords to use to accompany your melody.
  • Step 4. Play your new composition.

Which module do you think is the best for you?

You don’t have to make a decision. You can order our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music” with our “Most-Effective Learning Modules” package, and we assure you that whatever your goals are, our courses will help you achieve them all!


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  1. Emmanuel says:

    I’m kindly requesting for your wonderful books that i can use for my piano lessons.

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  2. Harmony guides appear to be of interest.

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  3. Ear training is most interesting as well. Thank you, irene

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