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The Official Pre-Release Has Begun!


Hello everyone!

These last weeks have been incredible!

Thank you so much everyone for your support!

Not only have we redesigned the whole website  😀 (I hope you love the new look and feel!), but if you have been reading the blog you may have also noticed that during the last weeks we also had the VIP Pre-Release (we invited only those that had left comments on our blog).

The results have been incredible and people from USA, Canada, Australia , Singapore, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, and even the United Arab Emirates have joined us!

The feedback we have been getting from our first students makes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g—all these years, all the effort, all the time spent—worthwhile.

Thanks—REALLY thanks—everyone for your support! This is really a dream come true for us, especially because of the feedback we have received from our students.

I do not know any of our students personally; however, I was fortunate enough to meet most of our students through email and through our piano community. I wanted to share with you some of the comments we have received. Thank you Ana, Oscar, and Franc for your permission to post these comments!:

“HI Rod,
This is the best product I have seen online. You have taken music making to a whole new level never done before online. I strongly recommend this product to everyone who has just begun learning or has been learning for a few years. They will suddenly begin to understand what they are playing.
Congrats Rod to yourself and your team.

Oscar Dsouza”

Oscar shared with me that he was a beginner piano student from Dubai and that to make his piano learning faster he had bought many online piano courses from different sources in the past. Therefore, I was especially delighted to read his comment. Thank you Oscar!

“I just opened the door, many more friends will enter, I’m amazed about how easy is the software I received and also I liked colors and design very straight to the point and not boring at all !!!

Believe-me I know a lot of other ideas for piano online learning and I risked some money on dozens of ideas, but I can make you sure that now I’m feeling on the top wave!

Franc Bruno”

I received that comment from Franc a few days after he bought the course. Several weeks later I contacted him again and asked him if I could post his comment on our site. To my pleasant surprise, he answered:


You can use my testimonial. It’s my pleasure.

And I add that the track you used to open the book is amazing, very calm and relaxing inviting the student to seat and play.

I’m amazed about the content and quality of logic behind music.

I can say that for the first time in years buying learning software I’m 100% satisfied with my investment.

Thank you
🙂 you can use also this comment. “

Thank you Franc!!! 🙂

I also had the fortune of meeting another of our students: Ana. She first got my attention when months ago I read the comment she had posted on our blog, about our Music Fundamentals eBook. There, she mentioned that her own mother was a piano teacher:

“Just finished first lesson. My mother (who is a piano teacher) wasn’t able to teach me this much in past oh, god knows how many years with her conventional approach (sorry, Mom). I’ll definitely show her this website. Can’t wait to start a second lesson. Thanks for doing this,guys

Ana Federenko”

A few weeks later, after our course was ready, we sent the invitations to only those who had posted comments on our blog, and of course she was included in the list. I sent her an email with the invitation to become part of the VIP Pre-Release, and she joined us and bought the course. I had the pleasure of meeting her. I was very intrigued by her personal story, and after I sent her a message, she kindly shared it with me:

“Hi Rod,

“My Mom has been a piano teacher for the past 30 or 35 years.

Unfortunately for me, she is an “old school.” You know very well what I mean by that. 🙂 So this combination never really worked since I, as a kid, was naturally opposed to any kind of meaningless memorization. My mom, God bless her, thought that I would do better with another teacher and another instrument. Well, that just doesn’t work like that, does it. The underlying frustration was always there. However, my passion for music never died and luckily I found your course which gave me new hope.

“It’s been couple of days now and I enjoy it immensely. I loved, for instance, how you offer to think in terms of intervals. I totally got it. It was a great feeling to discover a hidden (for me personally) gem like that. 🙂 All I want to do now is practice on the piano and on my guitar, since I can apply my new knowledge there too.

When I read this comment, you cannot imagine how moved I was. I asked Ana´s permission and then showed the message to all of our team.

Then, about one week later, I was surprised to receive another comment from Ana on my profile wall at The Piano Encyclopedia´s Community (all students are able to meet other students and our team members on the community). There she wrote:

“Hi Rod,
I’m excited because I just made my very first short composition! It’s sounded great! It was in C major. I can’t wait to learn more. Thanks so much!”

You cannot imagine what a deep impact this short message had on me.

I had to struggle for many years with teachers who would only teach me how to memorize music pieces or read music sheet I had many years of frustration. There were years of only learning new pieces to then forget them, full of frustration, without any real progress. For me, it was not until after 10 years since I started piano that I was able to learn how to improvise or compose my own pieces. Ana had written me this comment just about a week after buying the course, so I was really moved and extremely happy for her.

In order to fully understand this, you have to understand that The Piano Encyclopedia was primarily born out of my own frustration, my own story. I spent nearly ten years quitting lessons, switching teachers and starting again and again, until I found a teacher who was able to teach me music in the right way. After this, I no longer had to spend months studying a single piece. I discovered how to play the piano with freedom, being able to sit on the piano and freely improvise, create my own music and express my own feelings, and not just how to play a specific piece. Then, I realized that I was not alone, that many pianists around the world were suffering from the same cause and that the majority had no clue about how to improvise or play the piano without depending on music sheet or memorization.

Reading all the students´ comments (I will be sharing more comments soon), made me realize that all the efforts we had invested during the last three years, that all the time that the more than fifty contributors have put in —musicians, pianists, writers, editors, graphics designers, and developers— and that all the time invested in this project was more than worthwhile.

It especially made me realize that changing the way people learn piano is possible.

This is why we call The Piano Encyclopedia “the revolution to the conventional piano learning method” — a method not based on rules or memorization— but on logic and understanding. It is a method for those who want to understand “the big picture” of how music works in a practical way and who want to learn how to play the piano with freedom.

After reading all the comments from our students, for me this is a dream come true, and it makes everything worthwhile giving us all the energy to strive for greater things. (For us it is an evolving project—we are already at version v1.3 and all our students are getting free updates!)

Again, thank you Ana, Franc, and Oscar for permitting me to share these comments! 🙂

TODAY, we are starting the Official Pre-Release and we will be sending special invitations to ALL of those who have subscribed to our newsletter, so you can be the first to enjoy our course and at a special Pre-Release price for members-only.

All those invited will receive a password that you will be able to use to enter the Pre-Release page and access our course before anyone else, at a special Pre-Release price for members-only that will be available for a limited time only. Also you will be able to watch the sneak-peek 6-minute video tour— before it even becomes public—that will show you some of the exciting features of The Logic Behind Music.

To enter the Exclusive Pre-Release page, go to the following link and enter the password provided in the invitation email:

Feel free to write me or leave a comment here and stay in touch!

I really look forward to getting to meet each of you!


Rod Schejtman

38 Responses to The Official Pre-Release Has Begun!

  1. Rod says:

    Feel free to write me or leave a comment here and stay in touch!

    I really look forward to getting to meet each of you!


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  2. Julián Fuentes says:

    Hey! I’ve been following the project for a long time =D…I did not have a piano until a week ago, so now I am starting to read the chords, scales and intervals document you did…It’s great! … I haven’t got to much time to practice, though…But I’ll do my best now that vacations have started =D..

    Obviously, I’m looking forward to getting the Password you tell us about in the mail you sent 😀

    Greetings from Mexico =D

    P.S. Sorry if I did any spelling mistake or whatever 😳

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Julián!!!
      Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

      Thank you so much for following our development, it’s great to meet the people that have been following our project from the beginning – and I am really glad that you liked our Music Fundamentals eBook 🙂

      I will send you the password to the Members Only Pre-Release by email. 😉

      Keep in touch and make sure to tell me more about you.
      Cheers! 😀

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  3. Diego says:


    I’v been reading this for a while now… And i’ve been playing the piano for 2 years. I’ve learned it the hard way (as you describe yourself… yes, I feel your pain :P) but I want to keep on learning in a more clever way (your way).

    So please, if you can help I will appreciate it.

    You are doing a great job, thanks!


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    • Rod says:

      Hello Diego!

      Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂

      Yes.. I really understand you. For me it was ten years of frustration, changing teachers, and lessons without no real progress other than learning new songs. I am really glad to be able to help 🙂

      I will send you the password to access the Members Only Pre-Release by email! 😉

      Thank you so much for everything – and specially for your support. This was really a lot of work, and your words mean a lot to all of us.

      On behalf of all our team THANK YOU!
      And keep in touch!


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  4. Lucas says:

    Great!.. just great! Congratulations from Argentina… the land from Charly Garcia and other good musicians. Keep doing what you do, is great and never seen on line. Goodbye and congratulations

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Lucas!!!
      Thank you so much 🙂

      Yes there are great musicians from Argentina 😀

      Thanks so much for your support!


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  5. Verny says:

    Hi Rod!!!

    Almost a year go I was trying to find something nice to learn how to play piano, even when at that time I didn’t have one I wanted to look for it, then I just found this site and I just LOVED it. I was really happy…

    The day after my PC died, and I could not remember the URL, and just could not find the site again (silly me I was so distracted the first time I found it that just forgot it) and just now, after you sent me the email, I am here again.

    Good for me this is the right moment!, I just bought a keyboard just some months ago and I’ve been learning a little bit, but now, I am even more motivated to keep learning! I hope to improve enough my skills to be able to buy a real piano soon.

    The site looks REALLY cool, I am a web developer, and I know all the effort that is needed to have this kind of site. Congratulations!!!!

    Regards from Costa Rica!! 😀

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  6. Raijin says:

    I’ve waited this long time ago. You have created the beast.

    I look forward to seeing the new e-book to learn more.


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  7. Matias says:

    Hi! I’m another fan from Argentina! I really like what I’ve seen so far about your way of teaching music and I am looking forward to receive the password and go on with my learning.

    Thanks so much!

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  8. Cres says:

    Hi Rod,

    It’s now about 1 1/2 years since I first entered this site. I think THAT has been a long time, so I can understand that you are happy after three years of development. It’s been great following the develoment and how this site has changed and I wishes you and your team great success with it. Congratulations with a great, new design on the website and the forecoming pre-realeses. I expect the home-study course to look as good as this site does now 😀

    I’m looking forward to try it out, especially after reading all the comments you got so far from those who have tried it. It’s sure a unique and interesting appoach to teach people piano. And with the holidays coming there will be plenty of time to explore the piano and the music 🙂

    Raymond (Cres)

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  9. Cecilia says:

    Congratulations Rod! I love the new look. It’s amazing. I’m from Argentina (I’ve saw the comments, we are quite a few) and it’s very difficult to get this kind of material, with the quality and simplicity that you explain it here.

    I’ve studied since I was a child, and I started and dropped my lessons a lot of times. Since I discovered this site, I keep doing it by myself, following your material, and learning that there is much more behind the scales that I learned a time ago.

    Thanks from the deepest from my heart. And congratulations once again for the renewal.

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  10. William Levine says:

    Extremely useful for non-pianists too. Well Done.

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  11. Reza says:

    I’m very excited about your project, I have pretty much the same experience about learning piano, with more than 10 years of heavy studing (with a lot of pleasure) but with so little knowledge about creating music… So I put high expectations in your work, it sounds great! The goal is amazing, I hope it will work, you look passionated, I’m sure it will work! I’ll let you know when I have tried it!

    kind regards


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    • Rod says:

      Thank you Reza!!! 😀
      Very much appreciated. I have received your mails too,
      I look forward to staying in touch,


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  12. Michael says:

    Hi Rod,

    I just downloaded the Music Fundamentals book and instantly thought, “THIS is what was missing from my education.” It makes it so simple to understand why different chords have different sounds, and the whole tension/release relationship in music was just SPOT ON.

    I’ve been playing piano for two years, and have taken college classes, private classes, “online” classes, and just sat and messed around with intervals or patterns, trying to make sense of it all… and now I feel like I can really start connecting the dots and am ready to write the music for a song I wrote last month, and then put down because I couldn’t figure out a decent chord progression.

    This ebook is to me a “blueprint” or skeleton of why and how music works the way it does. I love it!


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    • Rod says:

      Hi Michael!

      Thanks for posting a comment. I am really glad that our Music Fundamentals eBook was really useful to you!

      I look forward to you joining our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music”, if you enjoyed Music Fundamentals I am sure you that you’ll really like it.

      Keep me updated of your progress and I look forward to hearing more from you!

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  13. Len says:

    😐 I have read up to page 63 (All the Major Triads) and find it very helpful and interesting.
    I will be 79 years old in about two weeks and I find it slow going. I am practicing on a keyboard not a piano and I experiment with various sounds. I read the notes and practice for about 30 minutes daily

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  14. Rev Percy says:

    Hello Rod,
    Thank you and the team for putting the e-book together it is a blessing.
    I am enjoying it, it has helped me greatly, having all the maj.& min.triads to study
    this way is great. Looking forward to more great lessons.
    Thanks again. Rev Percy

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  15. paul says:

    Hi rod, just wanted to say thanks for sharing such valuable information for free. I have told so many of my friends about this site.I am a guitar novice who wants to write better songs so i have stared to try and learn the Piano. This really makes everything so much easier to understand. Thank you so much 😉

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  16. freddy says:

    Hi Rod,
    The Music Fundamental e-book was excellent to say the least. It was so well written and very effective in laying a firm foundation in music. I have quite a number of music theory books that are too complex; I have to tell you, your e-book is by far the best I read so far. You took difficult concepts, made it simple and easy to understand. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

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  17. Angela Calvey says:

    Hi Rod,
    Went through the book twice and thought it was terrific.
    I can’t wait to apply some of your methods.
    I feel very enthuiastic about the process.

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  18. Michelle says:

    Hi Rod,
    Just downloaded the full home-study course a few days ago. I began studying theory seriously last year and have discovered some very good teachers online. You are the first person, however, to place so much emphasis on intervals. I’ve always found intervals somewhat confusing, but simply practicing the first exercise in Piano Practice Booklet One made things much clearer. Looking forward to the rest of the course.

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  19. Hope says:

    🙂 I just wanted to say, that as someone who has wanted to learn to play the piano all her life, and can NOT read a note of music, this has been so easy to understand! I really love it! For the first time, chords actually make sense, and so do 5ths and so on. Thank you so much for this book!

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  20. billy says:

    i just started playing a few months ago so its alot but has given me some meat to bite on to..thanks..if u have any other things that can help im open…..

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  21. Ric Overton says:

    I am looking forward to learning more about your program and introduce it to my own students.

    Ric Overton
    San Diego, Ca

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  22. Alberto says:

    Hi Rod,

    Thanks for the Music Fundamental Report that you created in a very clear and transparent way. I already read it and keep practicing the chords and intervals to have a good base for the next piano lesson report. God always will bless you because I realized that in this music lesson you really want your student to learn how to play the piano in a very organized way.

    Your methodology of teaching music is unique. The Music Fundamentals Report is a real Piano Encyclopedia because you present here all the steps, one by one, to create piano chords. If this piano lesson 1 is good, the next one, lesson 2 will be better. In that lesson, I expect you to link chords to make good chord progressions that help us to compose songs. I would like to continue receiving newsletter from you to keep me up-dated about your piano lessons.

    Thanks again for your great piano courses and for your website.

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  23. Karen says:

    Hi Rod,
    Thanks for sending me the 111 page piano book. I think its going to be great later on. I just started taking piano lessons and I don’t understand anything in your book yet but maybe 6 months from now I will find it very helpful. I am an older beginner beginner so guess I have to have patience with myself. Thanks again. Karen

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  24. Joe says:

    Hi Rod,
    I downloaded the free 111 pages of the lessons. I must say i am quite relieved. I started learning Piano around 6 months ago and i was finding it quite tough, i really have no clue where I am going. Its so difficult to memmorize the notes and reading from a music sheet. Yes, i want to learn how to read it, but the process seems so long and demotivating. This lesson of yoursis a life saver. I can put things into perspective. I am now not shocked to see the chords and scales in funny names. I am gonna buy that “Logic Behind Music” soon, May be in a month or two.(Pretty hard times- too many bills to pay .lol) . I believe its gonna do justince to the Piano I just bought last month!
    Thanks for your works Rod,

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  25. Jayvie says:

    Hello everyone. The first Lesson was excellent! I want more so i can learn more. I’m straight up beginner piano player. I play guitar so I got some experience with music and I was able to pick up most, if not, all the information in the first lesson. I would like to learn more especially on what to do with the right hand which from what I think is used for melody and your left hand is for chords. But Im not completely sure. Anyways the next thing I want to learn is how to use both hands and what to play with each, etc. Free stuff like the first lesson would be so great!! Thank you again and God bless

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  26. Abel says:

    Hi Rod,
    Thanks for your ebook, it provides the unifying principle for understanding music that I have been looking for, for me your definition of music worked as a spark igniting my understanding of music literally fulfilling completely your claim that these concepts would raise the appreciation of music to a level never experienced before. I am eager to study, learn absorb and MASTER the essence of music with the light of your guiding principles.
    Thanks agaain.

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  27. Dave Stevenson says:

    Hi Rod,
    I have just finished working thru your first report. I love music and have attempted to learn the piano quite a few times. But have given up because of all the practice required to learn scales and chords. I quit attempting to learn about 10 years ago and settled playing CDs. That I learned pretty easy 😆 I can’t beleive how much I undestand now working thru the report. I know I still need a lot of practice but I think I am going to enjoy practicing because in the past it was just praticing things by rote and that bored me. Now using intervals and lisening for building tension and then releif it is going to be more fun. I still have a lot more practicing to do but I think I am going to enjoy it a lot more.
    Thank You for the report lesson.

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  28. Robert Briggs says:

    Hello Rod, I just downloaded 111Piano Lessons e-book late last night and haven’t gotten a chance

    to look at it yet. I’m 63 and disabled along with being a beginner so I won’t have a lot to report on for awhile. I don’t have a stand to put my key board on yet so I’m a couple of days away from doing

    and practicing. I have an old Yamaha Keyboard, I give $50 for at a pon shop 10 years ago.

    It stay in my basement for 6 or 7 years when my Grandson found it and wanted to play with so

    I cleaned it up bought a power converter wit cord plug in and gave it to him. He took Piano Lessons

    during Vacation Bible School from the Preacher’s teenage daughter and learned how to play.

    He is 14years old now and has been playing Trombone in school band for 2 years now. He still

    plays piano at home. Some one gave him and old one full size at that so he is Happy as a pig

    in a muddle hole!

    I just got the keyboard back from him not to long ago and I trying to get everything setup to

    start my Piano Lessons. I have to depend on others to do certain things for me due to pain and

    stiffness prevents me from sitting ,standing and walking for very long distances or periods of

    time. I have been trying to learn how to read music best I can and to learn about the chords.

    The notes above and below the lines still escape my learning their meaning and how to read or

    play them. I am in no hurry I read study and practice on an online keyboard that I found last

    Friday. I’m not out to break and speed records for learning I just want to enjoy my learning

    experience and play the best I can with what I have.

    If I die before I learn all there is to know about music I figure its a win win for me cause I’m a

    born again Christian and Death i just a door I have to go thru to Glory and to be with my

    Savior Jesus Christ who died for my sins so I could have eternal life be part of The Greatest

    Family that has ever existed. Upon my Death The Bible (KJV) TELLS US WE CHRISTIANS that we

    will be changed in the twinkling of an eye and we’ll receive an corruptible body and we’ll never die!

    I guess I got a a little long winded, so I apologize and I’ll close. Thank and keep up the good

    work and God Bless You. Robert N TN

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    • Donna says:

      Hi Briggs, your story was awesome, and I feel the same way. May God continue to bless you as well as I with piano practice.

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  29. sookjoung says:

    Hi Rod,

    I read your e-book and still don’t know exactly the words and vocaburaries because i am not good at english but it was really interesting and couldn’t stop reading.
    I am a real beginner and not a young girl so it takes time but i think your e-book and your website will be helpful to understand music and piano.
    i won’t stop reading until i enjoy freely.

    thanks a lot for your effort.

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  30. William says:

    I’ve longed for a long to become a great pianist, but now i think am about to achieve it with this.

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  31. Donna says:

    Hi Rod, I download your fundamental booklet and at first I was kind of confused with the 5th intervals, I had to figure out what you were talking about, where you would have F#/Gb perfect fifth. Actually I thought the Gb would be the note you would end up on, 🙂 silly me. But, I figured it out.

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  32. Lanny says:

    Rod, I loved the 111 page e-book, I cant wait to get started on some of my favorite kind of music, Slow Ballards and Blues. Thanks for making the piano alot easier to understand, Lanny

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