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Rediscover Music with The Piano Encyclopedia!


[image] Cool Keyboard Player

We’re proud to announce our first public appearance on YouTube!!!

A team of highly-inspired musicians and software developers wants You to experience a revolutionary piano learning method:

The Piano Encyclopedia – the first practical piano encyclopedia in the world.

You will enjoy more than 700 pages of unique content, 2500 piano recordings, and 2400 interactive illustrations of piano keyboards showing how to master scales, chords, intervals, keyboard playing, improvising, and composing!

WELCOME to this new experience!

I’m Rod, the founder of Forgotten Dreams Corp. and the manager of The Piano Encyclopedia development, and I want to invite YOU to be one of the first to try out this revolutionary piano-learning method.

The first people that sign-up to our mailing list will be given the possibility of becoming one of the first to try out The Piano Encyclopedia.

We’ll be releasing a LIMITED number of invitations!

Sign-up to our mailing list today!

The whole team is very excited about this release, so feel free to give us any feedback on the new features we’ve developed and asking us any questions you might have! You can leave comments on our community chat room or comment in one of our posts.

Cheers! 🙂


9 Responses to Rediscover Music with The Piano Encyclopedia!

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  2. Rodolfo Araujo says:

    I’m 52, rather old, but I like piano very much. I bought a Casio keyboard and started to learn piano two years ago, once a week during little more than an year. Then I gave up because I have very little time to practice.
    However, I have good ear for music, and I frequently sit at the keyboard and try to play some music I just heard in the radio or I’ve been remembering.
    But, while I can quickly play any music I have in my mind, one key at a time, even sometimes acompanying the melody with some brebuilt rythm, or with most common chords with the left hand, I can’t use fluently more than one finger of my right hand, and also sometimes, I can’t find out which is the proper chord for my left hand.
    I hope your encyclopedia provides me with a means for understanding, then learning, and at last, playing piano as I’d like to, all according to my times.
    I’ll be waiting hearing from you, thanks.


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  3. Rod says:

    Hi Rodolfo! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

    I think your experience is very common to many pianists, even including myself. Most of the times, without the appropriate lessons structure, piano-learning can become a very difficult task, spending many years without real progress and accumulated frustration!

    I had that experience myself. Even though I knew how to play difficult Classical piano pieces, I didn’t have a clue about what to play with my left hand nor how to pick the right chords when trying to improvise with a simple melody. And composing… was just a distant dream.

    But let me tell you that the progress I made in the last 3 years cannot be compared to even my previous ten years of piano playing. I am now able to improvise, compose, and even play almost any song by ear with chords and a ‘professional’ sound!

    The point is that once you grasp some of the basic concepts of harmony and understand how intervals make-up chords and scales you’ll be able to improvise, compose, and play anything you want in no time!

    The key is learning how intervals make chords and scales, and how to combine chords and scales, to make chord progressions.Then you’ll learn about chord-substitutions and making your harmonies richer, through the use of Jazz, Blues, Arabic, and many exotic scales from different countries, achieving a very professional sound very easily in a lot of varied music styles.

    The key point is that Intervals can be dissonant -creating tension, or consonant -creating a moment of relax.
    The combination of these two, creating different chords and scales, will lead to moments of relax or tension, and the adequate balance of these will provide pleasant music to you and your listener! ;o)

    So this simple ‘secret’, the balance between tension and relax, is the basis of all music, regardless of the music style.

    Once you understand this systemic approach of how music really works, you’ll really want to have learned all this before! It’s actually really easy, but a really powerful knowledge that will let you play anything you want, and in your case you won’t only be able to play any radio tune with the appropriate chords and full harmony in the left hand, but you’ll even be able to transpose the song into any key you like with easiness. Once you understand how this works in one tonality, you can easily transpose it to any other! That’s what piano-bar players do for adjusting a song to an invited singer’s pitch, for example.

    The method is designed for learning at your times and pace, advancing to the difficulty levels you want, and covering the topics of your interest. You will be able to use The Piano Encyclopedia just as chord or scale dictionary, discovering the different harmonies from many regions and experimenting different sounds, or either follow the structured lessons into composing and improvising. The lessons go from very basic to very advanced, in a structured path, covering the concepts of melody, harmony, chord progressions, tonality and modes, in a systemic approach.

    The release is not ready yet, but we will require some beta-testers to give us feedback. You may sign-up to the mailing list to receive an invitation and be one of the first to try it out!
    I hope my answer was useful to you. Feel free to ask us any other -either general or particular- questions and we may expand over any topic you like.

    P.S: …52 is not old at all!
    There are some important composers and piano players that have began around that age. 😉

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  4. sujay says:

    😀 but how & when????????

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  5. sujay says:

    I am quiute interested as i have done 5th grade in Guitar fro Trinity londin but now nwat to learn piano & also complete my trinity kindly guide

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  6. hello all, I have read this post and found it to be very informative and gained allot from it. I appreciate the efforts involved in creating it! Thanks for sharing it with us

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  7. yassergawargy says:

    that’s wonderful

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  8. Molly says:

    Hii im a 16year old girl and imm in a GCSE YEAR (well if your in america my final year of high school and am hoping to get a good grade in my music)
    and im struggling on a composition and i need to make my own up before april could you help me ??
    any ideas on what kind of tune i could do

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  9. John Coombs says:

    I’ll be 60 in August. Just bought a Casio PX870. Gonna try n teach myself to plsy by ear….?

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