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“Music Fundamentals”: our 111-Page Piano eBook… for Free – Only for a Limited Time!


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Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that we’ve released our Music Fundamentals Piano-Lesson Report!!!

As promised, now being October 5 at 4pm EST time, we have sent all the Piano-Lesson Reports to all subscribers, and so you should be receiving your copy in your inbox in a very short time!

Please allow some time for the server to process all the emails, so in this way you might be the lucky one to receive it in the next few minutes, or might have to wait till the next two or three hours, as all the emails are sent . Anyways, keep in mind that one way or another, you’ll get to enjoy the report today, and I can tell you it’s truely jam packed of lots of content. It actually looks like book now.

We’ve have worked extremelly hard for several weeks, into releasing this report, so we hope that you truely enjoy it and it gives you another perspective on understanding music, chords, scales, and intervals.

Make sure to leave us feedback, and feel free to ask music questions on our blog, about anything related to our report, or what you’d like to learn next.

In the name of the whole team,
Thank you!


203 Responses to “Music Fundamentals”: our 111-Page Piano eBook… for Free – Only for a Limited Time!

  1. Bruno says:

    Very helpful. Simple explanations and clear illustrations. Congratulations!

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    • Anthony says:

      This 111 free report is great. Now learning to play the piano makes sense.

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    • Brenda says:

      Sorry,but I didn’t get the 111 page Encyclopedia/Piano…my computer wouldn’t let me down load…my loss…is there any way that I can order this book…thank you

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  2. Joe siburt says:

    Hey Rod,
    I am going through your music fundamentals book for the third time. It’s amazing how much information you have packed into 111 pages. I really like the way you use intervals to explain music. I think that it transforms my piano from an instrument that plays sounds to an instrument that speaks and expresses a language in which I determine the message through understanding intervals. I think one of the other great qualities to this understanding is that the intervals are the same for every scale so I don’t have to memorize every note and chord, I only have to have the understanding of intervals expressed in your teaching. I’m looking forward to the release of your full course. Thanks much!


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  3. Jean says:

    Hi Rod
    Have just finished your wonderful first lesson on intervals and chords,and found it very easy to follow and very enlightening.Having just passed my Grade 1 piano,I am still quite a novice,but this will help me vastly in my progress.Thank you so much.

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  4. txema says:

    Gracias Rod, muchas gracias por ese gran libro, siempre a sido una pasión tocar el Piano para mi, desde pequeño me a llamado siempre la atención, pero por falta de tiempo nunca pude asistir a clases de Piano, asi que solo toco de oido, y este libro me esta enseñando mucho aunque me cuesta por la sencilla razón de que desconozco muchas cosas, espero que me sirva de ayuda y poder avanzar todo lo que no he podido en estos años gracias a tu libro, de nuevo te doy las gracias, un saludo. Txema.

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  5. Evangelisto D'souza says:

    Hi Rod. Thanks for your valuable 111page report. Its a must for the beginers like me, where you can learn about the chords and the tension they build.
    May God bless you and your entire team.
    looking forward for your next report.
    Best regards

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  6. Dalyce says:

    Rod, I like it…can’t wait for the next part.
    God Bless,

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  7. Tom says:

    Loved it! Helpful review for advanced students, and great introduction for beginners! Keep up the good work!

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  8. derek says:

    Very good for beginners though I’m a little more advanced..But,I love the way you teach

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  9. sudabeh says:

    yes ! thanks and I am very pleased to find this sight.
    I appriciate the great job. It feels like finding a compus in the middle of jungle. It is fundamentals,but exciting and promissing. I have to confess the first book of fundamental music I bought in the university class scared me off. i tried the best I could and finally droped the music course. With this fudamentals,So far I have learned and would like to see more…
    Thanks sudabeh

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  10. Lauren says:

    I’ve been playing music for 7 years, but have only been playing piano self taught for about a year, so I thought that this book would probably be helpful.
    I never thought to look at scales and chords as being made up of intervals. It’s starting to change the way that I think about playing. I can’t wait for the next lesson!
    Thanks so much!

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  11. Linda Ping says:

    I really did enjoy studying lesson I that was sent to me. I just finished it today. It has helped me to understand the importants of how the cords & Intervals relate to each other. I am looking forward to the next lesson.

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  12. Weems says:

    I completed your well- put- together material in a day and a half. I have played piano for most of my life through self-instruction and whatever I could pick up from anyone else. I believe by following your suggestions in ‘how to practice’ will enable me to accomplish my long dreamed hope. Thanks for all your hard work and I really look forward to seeing more material from you. God bless. Weems

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  13. Robert says:

    Hi Rod. I really enjoyed the lesson and i can’t wait until the next one,i am excited about taking my playing to the next level. I really love playing piano and i really would like to know what iam doing when i play. I love music and my wife is a great singer and i would love to be able to play for her when she sing.So thanks for all your help and i will be looking forward to hearing from you soon (God Bless you for all you do to help all of us).

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  14. Charles says:

    Thank you for the great work, I am a pianist beginner and i tried to search for the knowledge of music for a quite sometime but now i got the understanding of music. You helped me to see what was remote rather less remote and made me understand my guitar lessons even plainly
    Charles 😛

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  15. Thank you for your piano encyclopedia it is unique and of great value
    i need your exprience because you are a great teacher who is intrested to invest in everybody asyou have commented that muscians are made not born i believe God for fininces to and access all your lessons i will never be the same again
    Aposle michael Kampala Uganda East Africa

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  16. Lanny says:

    Thank you for a well put togeather book. I hope to learn all I can Thanks, Lanny

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  17. gerald says:

    Rod this book was of great help to my playing and understanding music jargon clearly. it really been a helpful companion for my improvising not were i want to be just yet but taking it one day at a time thank u so much .

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  18. JOHN says:


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  19. Kirlim says:

    Very good book. I’ve just started trying the piano (actually, an yamaha keyboard…) these last 2 days, and the book helped me a lot more than most places I’ve found searching around the web. If you read it by the side of the piano, the explanations works very well. If you draw the chords and intervals on staves to get the hang of keys positioning, the better =).

    I am reading this book together with zebrakeys lessons.

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  20. Steve says:

    I have to be very honest here. When I first started reading the free 111 page ebook I was skeptical. I am very impatient when it comes to learning new skills; “I want to be a pro NOW!!” The first topic of intervals I just couldn’t get my head around. But persevering has shown me how important perseverance is. I have never had piano lessons but have always wanted to learn. I can see how your method actually really does work. I have no musical knowledge but this ebook is giving me insight already.

    Thank you!! 😉

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  21. Douglas says:

    Thank you so much for the free material.. 😛

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  22. Alberta says:

    Musicians are not born—–They are made——(I liked this) 😆 . means so much for me as people try to tell you, it’s a gift…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Practice— practice..Thanks so much. Alberta

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  23. Jacek says:

    Hi Rod 😛
    Many thanks for your Music Fundamentals ebook. I began to play piano again this past 9 months after 36 years of break!!! I have made very slow progress because of lack of knowledge of what I should start with. Knowinh only the positions of lower and upper C on the keyboard I started to try plying extremely difficult music like “One man’s dream” of Yanni. But I had quickly give up when I could not put my both hands in operation!!! 🙁 Now I know it was not the way I should start with. After studying your ebook I do realize that the music does not need to be so difficult, but it will take some time to me to master it and understand it. Thank you Rod!!!
    Jacek 😛

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  24. Ayomikun says:

    The material is real great.. I really appreciate you guyz for this. This is my 10th year of playing the piano and am surprised am just getting some tips like this.. All thesame thank you so much..May God continually increase you as you invest in the life of others,.

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  25. Hi, I am new to this and will take a serious look into your method. Thank you for sharing this. Need to know what is there for me to do in order to be able to save this document into my hard disk. It says it requires password in order to do that.

    Take care and again, Thank you

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  26. Rod says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments!!! 🙂
    I am very glad you are all enjoy our piano courses and our free gifts 🙂

    We love hearing your success stories, and your words motivate our entire team to do more and more, in order to change how people learn music around the world!

    Enjoy our free gifts! 🙂

    You are all invited to join us too, as students of our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music” – if you enjoyed the eBook, you will LOVE this course:

    Cheers! 🙂

    Rod Schejtman
    CEO & Founder of The Piano Encyclopedia

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  28. Ellen Smith says:

    I thik this is a great concept. I have been trying to learn how to play the piano for years. I have even taking courses in college and from other music instruction, and to this day I still can’t play. I know the cords, keys, and all the technical requirement, but still I can’t make it sound like music. The only thing I would point out or wish you would have included, is sound so you can hear the how it sound. Other than that, it’s great!!!

    Ellen Smith

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  29. Abigail Beeton says:

    HI everyone!
    My name is Abigail Beeton. I think the piano lessons are great and inspiring. Right now I am memorizing a piano piece. I think that knowing what chords are would make it so much easier.
    I am excited to start the world of chords. God bless you as you serve Him!

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  30. Jeff Fletcher says:

    Hi Rod,
    I have down loaded the eBook and am working through it now. It is well laid out, the concepts are clear and very easy to understand. I feel this is a better approach to learning and understanding the basics of music structure and principles as a starting point. I am looking forward to subscribing to ‘The Digital Home Study Course’ to continue my Music and Piano playing education.
    Jeff. 😛

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  31. Hit says:

    Your piano e-book is really great because since the piano classes are unavailable at my place,I’m depending on your electronic text to gain some basic knowledge.Thank u 🙂

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  32. nonso says:

    Hi Rod ur fantastic..actually i started playing the piano when i was eight years old but since then all the piano teachers my parents hired taught me the same thing i was taught when i was eight and by thirteen i had given up because i felt i was not learning as i was taught to memorise few chords and try playing songs with them, bt with your book, i am really beginning to understand what music is..ur book has rekindled my interest full time again..Thanks a lot for sharing this book to the world…

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  33. mypianonz says:

    so great and thank you for posting this.. great job 😉

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  34. George says:

    Hi there.

    I just read your Music Fundamentals book. It’s amazing! A few years ago I learned from another book, which said about different chords: majors, minors, sevenths, suspended, diminished… While majors, minors and sevenths were easy to memorize, all others seemed a little messy. Now it’s much easier to play them.
    When I explored the transcriptions of some jazz masters I was always wondering how did they put it all together. I’m beginning to understand the way they play.

    It would be great if you would show a process of reading songs (of different styles) from a song book with chords and building up interpretations out of them. You see, whenever you teach theory, you should also teach to apply that theory, otherwise it’s useless.

    I’m looking forward to see further lessons of yours, thank you! Going well, keep up!

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  35. Andile Meshack says:

    Hi Rob, thank you very much for the 111 pages of valuable basic piano fundamentals that every musician should know to really understand the language and the secrets of music performance and composition. I have been playing sax fro along time now but as I read your piano encyclopedia I’m becoming to the logic behind music and that musicians are not born-but are made. I’m beginning to see the light and getting wiser and wiser everyday as I practice on the piano your lessons. I’m a South African who is now living in Ireland and studying music. With best wishes in 2011.


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  36. mew says:

    It’s marvelous, I love this so much.

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  37. Joseph says:

    Hi Rod,
    I do want to appreciate you so much for your free e-book lessons.In Nigeria, there are a lot of tight guys who know how to play but are oblivious of the facts of Piano. I understand the interval and chords so well and i have started practicing them in my Piano. I cannot really figure out how to use interval to create scales. I would love you to work on that on your upcoming e-book release . I want to assert this; You guys are the best. I have introduced my friends to this book and your website. Thanks.

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  38. Hannah says:

    Hi Rod I have just done the first lesson and I am understanding what you have explained, thankyou so much.
    I played both piano and violin but have had no musical instruments for years but felt I needed to this and have great pleasure inplaying again, I am going 70!!!!!
    Already I am making progress although forgotten more than I learned many years ago.I bought a double keyboard but think I should have tried to ge an upright piano, funds are tight, but hopefully it will hapen anyway.
    I can see that I am going to play wellif I follow your instructions,
    I am thrilled with your free book it makes more sense than the rest of the “instruction I have”.
    Will keep in touch and down the road will hopefully be able to buy the digital home study lessons, we are pensioers with a very limited income.


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  39. Musa says:

    Thank you very much 🙂 . It has been extremely helpful. It explains everything so simply and clearly.

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  40. Hannah M Smith says:

    Fantastic information Rod and making sense to me. I was astounded when using the cord book how they made more sense than any tutor has in the past.
    I learnt to play as a child but haven’t played in 50 years, now going 70, I am having fun learning all over again.
    Your information in both books are fantastic, even my husband asked how I was able to make such a difference after I read, played and re-read the information.
    I have been working on it 2 hour a day, as I have a disabled husband, but he is enjoying watching me make some headway.
    Thankyou so much,

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  41. Jimmy says:

    Although not a piano player, I’m interested in how learning at least the basics might help in songwriting and arrangement.

    On first read through, and with some practice at the keyboard, I find that what always seemed impossibly complicated can be broken down into understandable (and therfore learnable) principles. Hopefully this might be a spur to greater creativity.

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  42. Ruth H. Davis says:

    I’m really excited about the lessons. I’ve always wanted to play the piano and just got a chance to try my hands after retiring from teaching for thirty years. When I learned to play a song the traditional way and left it for a while, my skills left also. I hope to have great success. Thanks for the E-book.

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  43. Dee says:

    :mrgreen: i stumbled on your site by accident and SOOOOOOO glad i did. been playing by chords and was wondering why i was boring myself, let alone my audience. Now thanks to this book, i know i was not creating ANY tension playing 1,4,5 chords. i ordered it last night read and printed the entire book today, ( about 6 hours, sat and composed my first 1 minute song, Im a songwriter who always wanted to do christian music with a jazz flair… now i will. TOTALLY EXCELLENT. hope you all put lots of practice with EACH concept. Cant wait to order course

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  44. zunda says:

    Hi! Rod
    Thanks foe the book it has totally changed my playing for a very short period of time.Thanks again.

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  45. Mary says:

    Hi Rod,

    I am enjoying so much the free download, I have only had it for 3 days but I am starting to understand what the chords are all about. I have been “playing” the piano for many years but I never understood exactly what I was doing. I think now I stand a chance of really “learning the piano”. Besides, I am having a lot of fun!

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  46. Masoud Rod says:

    Hello dear Rod.
    finding your Music Fundamentals ebook on the net was quite accidental. I first thought it was another conventional note-learning style to play piano but when I actually started reading the ebook I realised that its miraculous !! I always wanted to learn about the logic behind the piano sounds, but I couldnt find anywhere or anyone who could truly help me. BUT YOU WERE THE ONE !!
    THANK YOU very very much for this. I really appreciate this great chance to be reading and doing your first lesson. Thank u.

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  47. Ternce Watts says:

    I’ve been playing music for well over 50 years, starting as a lead guitarist in an amateur rock ‘n’ roll group… I’ve composed music of a specific type for relaxation background and therapy (which I seel from my website). BUT I didn’t really understand at a deep level what I was doing and why it was taking me such a long time to get a new piece right. Now I’ve read the ‘Fundamentals’ book, it’s like somebody turned on a searchlight – I found it exciting, liberating and inspiring to at last UNDERSTAND what I’ve been trying to do! There’s no other way to say it: it fills me with joy!

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  48. Keaton Ramjit says:

    I am fourteen years old and I want to be a music producer when I grow up. My parents HATE any instrument that’s not part of our culture. Luckily, I had an old keyboard my sister had and she let me use it. So, I taught myself to learn how to play and this encyclopedia came up when I was looking for free online lessons. So I downloaded the lessons and now I can write my own songs with instrumental. I used to just do the lyrics but I’m just about to release my own album independently! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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  49. Pete says:

    Hi rod
    thanks for free book very useful, But there seams to be something missing. can you help I can play from sheet music and can play 99% of chords. but as i said there is something missing, have i overlooked something in your free book.Im trying to learn how to play blues or jazz using scales, id like to know how to inprovise. by following chord structure,and scales is their some kind of format some how iv lost the plot help pete uk

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  50. urte says:

    tension and relief…genious… great book…theory i knew a long time ago…but i never noticed tension and relief ..it’s so simple and naturall..to simple…strange:)) thanks

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  51. johnny says:

    i love this….i had a fantastic revelation about playing the piano…..thanks Rod!!!!!

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  52. Robert Scarsciotti says:

    I am a profesional piano player and would just like to learn modern jazz chords. Bob

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  53. bjay says:

    hi Sir Rod, Sorry for delayed reply because of busy days came.. Actually, as i open my account, i cried because again you offered another gift, your kindness was highly appreciated, now i have a tears of joy.. again, thank you thank you very much.. currently i enjoying your lessons you had offered before, i’ve learned so much about the relationship of the 3 most important elements in music.. i love your team. Im hoping for the success of your team. 😉

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  54. Beang Khoon ONG says:

    Rod, I enjoyed reading your ebook of Music Fundamentals thoroughly. It was clearly written and I could follow it quite easily. I started reading it late, last Friday night and completed reading the ebook on Saturday morning. This is a wonderful start to my piano theory learning journey. Thank you so much to you and your team for putting together this easy to understand Music Fundamentals ebook.
    Looking forward to reading your newsletters.
    Blessings, Beang Khoon

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  55. Letenah says:


    Your book music fundamental is really good. I like ur one sentence “Music is a balance between tension and release”, which is the building block of ur writing. …But I think the book can be shortened because there are so many repetitions of same concepts like interval, chords and scales in difference places. But the ease with which the book is written is really good for any beginner like me. My current problem is understanding sound of actual music properly and identifying the relevant key to start improvising.

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  56. Larry Runser says:

    I am 69 years old, when I was young I had piano and Accordion lessons, I have always loved music and have a pretty good ear for it, I recently acquired a decent key board, and even at my age decided to learn to play again, it is surprising how the fundamentals come back, ” like riding a bike” Your lessons are great, I hope I can keep at it, seems my main problem is getting my brain and left hand connected, having a lot of problems with cords.
    Larry 😉

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  57. Dick Rose says:

    With no knowledge of music, I found your book an interesting introduction. I am beginning to take lessons (start next week) on a 53 (I think) key electric piano organ with three chords built in. Your book explained just what these chords are and why I need to use those three keys. After a few lessons, and a 70-day cruise in Sep-Dec., I’ll probably be in a better position with more understanding. At that time I]ll buy the self-study course and maybe a fullsize keyboard. I’m going to be 80 in August, and this is on my bucket list. I’ve already been practicing the five-finger exercise from the video.

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  58. Dave says:

    Hi Rod,

    Thank you for the free ebook as it makes a great reference guide for intervals-very well illustrated. I found your site through another music group. I am an intermediate player and pretty much know the intervals you cover in this ebook. I am taking 3 blues/Jazz courses right now and learning higher chords and scale structures. Again, thank you for the great ebook as a reference guide.


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  59. Nabil Brandl says:

    I am a retired scientist and I want to learn how to play a written notes on keyboard. I learned from other lessons how to place mt ten fingers on the keyboard, but I still find difficulties to remember which finger to the right key. I hope I can solve this problem by joininh this discussion group. Best regards and keep in touch.

    Nabil Brandl

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  60. Funso says:

    Hi Guys,
    I must confess that your ebook was indeed an eye opener for me. Thumbs up to you guys for the great work. 🙂 In as much as I’m not trying to pick holes in your efforts, for a beginner like me, I need something on fingering techniques. I’ll so much appreciate it if it can be included in subsequent editions.Once again I say a big thank you guys.

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  61. tunglinkinpark says:

    thank so much! this book has helped me more 🙂

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  62. hadson says:

    good stuff l discovered some thing new and its so interesting thanks

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  63. bruce says:

    i am a choir member in church i love praise and worship so much, it use to hurt when i love a song but i cant teach the song to the choir. A month ago i bought a piano. i searched the internet for a book to help me teach myself how to play and score songs. i was an armature pianist i played only one key and i wasnt perfect on it.

    thank you very much for your free book, i gave all my time to it the whole of October. with the piano in my room now i can play more keys and songs perfectly.. i played jonh legend’s ordinary people and i was so happy. 3 days back i started scoring a song by Don Moen and today i was teaching the song to the choir. thank you very muchfor your free book it helps. i now understand how to make chords not to memorise them.

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  64. anastasia Hendry says:

    thank you rod 4 that information…I really enjoy stdying that piano lesson…it’s so awesome n amazing u know…i like it… 😉

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  65. augustino says:

    thank u very much i have learn a lot

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  66. Micheal Scruggs says:

    Though I have been playing for quite some time there were things that I just didn’t understand , and like you said was too embarrass to ask . However your book cleared up a lot for me and gave me a new way at looking at what I was doing and understanding what I was doing. Thank you so much , it’s not often something so valuable is given away . Bless you and your staff……Micheal

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  67. Gladys Browner says:

    Rod, thank you so much for the Music Encyclopedia. I couldn’t have found this web site at a better time. I have been playing/interpreting piano music for years and did not understand how one thing related to another…just interpreting what I saw on a sheet. Recently, my pastor appointed me Minister of Music at my church and also asked me to start a music class for children ages 6-12. I really doubted my self. I found your site about a week before the first class and decided to start the class using your approach. The first class went extremely well. I’m also using the course to improve my musical knowledge and performance. Thanks again so very much.

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  68. I am a little confused. Rod stated he would be sending a password which never came. This book is fantastic and easy to understand. However with limited income being a 77 yr old greatgrandmother I cannot afford the course. I have tried all the online courses but still am learning the basics of my Yamaha PSR E413 my children gave me Christmas two years ago. Your course seems more complete then any of the others I have purchased. One of them I had to buy more music to play the notes and another ended up costing more and more to use it.
    Thank you for your compassion and interest in my desire to relearn the piano with my electronic keyboard.

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  69. isd says:

    Very good. The essential explained simply. Congratulations.

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  70. Judy says:

    Thank you for the free ebook.I have really enjoyed reading it,and I will be reading and refering back to it many times I am sure. I am a beginer and self taught through the lessons and videos on line.I am thrilled to have came across your website.I know it is going to help me tremendously,and it has already helped me with all the wonderful charts and the information that went wtih each lesson.Thanks again so very much!!!!!!!!! May God Bless YOU.

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