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“Music Fundamentals”: our 111-Page Piano eBook… for Free – Only for a Limited Time!


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Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce that we’ve released our Music Fundamentals Piano-Lesson Report!!!

As promised, now being October 5 at 4pm EST time, we have sent all the Piano-Lesson Reports to all subscribers, and so you should be receiving your copy in your inbox in a very short time!

Please allow some time for the server to process all the emails, so in this way you might be the lucky one to receive it in the next few minutes, or might have to wait till the next two or three hours, as all the emails are sent . Anyways, keep in mind that one way or another, you’ll get to enjoy the report today, and I can tell you it’s truely jam packed of lots of content. It actually looks like book now.

We’ve have worked extremelly hard for several weeks, into releasing this report, so we hope that you truely enjoy it and it gives you another perspective on understanding music, chords, scales, and intervals.

Make sure to leave us feedback, and feel free to ask music questions on our blog, about anything related to our report, or what you’d like to learn next.

In the name of the whole team,
Thank you!


203 Responses to “Music Fundamentals”: our 111-Page Piano eBook… for Free – Only for a Limited Time!

  1. Rod says:

    Hi everyone! 😀
    Make sure you print out your copy of the report so that you can follow along, by playing all the examples with your piano.

    Once you’re done, let me know what do you think 😉 . Feel free to ask any music questions, tells us which concepts you would like us expand, or just tell us if the report helped you and how.

    I hope you truely enjoy it and that you agree that it was really worth the reading.

    Let me know your feedback, and thanks so much everyone for your support! 😀


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    • Vincent Purnell says:

      Hi Rod,
      I haven’t finish going over your e-book yet entirely, but I like your method of teaching one how to learn and eventually play and compose which ever music they are interested in. I am confused though about a couple of things when you begin talking about 4 note chords(7th chords) and 9th chords. You talk about 7th chords but I don’t see on that material printed out what 4 notes to hold down in the illustrations. Also, when you talk about 9th chords I don’t see which notes are to be held down with those either; and with the 9th chords, I count a 14 half note interval given. For the notes that are clearly highlighted without question, mainly the note that marks the last interval. “That confuses me.”

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  2. Elias says:

    Hello, I’m reading it now and I’m enjoying it a lot. I’ve been searching for this kind of lessons for a long time, and finally i found them here, thank you so much! I’m going to play my keyboard right now!! Byebye!

    Sorry for my bad english 😐

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Elias! I am so glad you’re enjoying the Piano Lesson Report One!
      😀 Make sure to stay in touch and tell me more about you!


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  3. violeta cordero says:

    😛 Thank you so much. This has been a great news and I can not wait until the report two.

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Violeta! 🙂
      Your comment has made the whole team really happy! We’re glad that you found the lesson really useful. Make sure to stay in touch and tell me more about you! 😀

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  4. Tristan says:

    ❗ Very useful lesson! Taugh me theory practical things that I found nowhere!! Now I feel more motivated 😛
    Thank you!

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Tristan! 🙂
      I am glad you feel motivated, and you’ll see that with some simple but very powerful music concepts -like the ones we taught in our Music Fundamentals report- you’ll start seeing music in a whole new way, and begin discovering the world of composing and improvising in a short time.

      I wish that I had learned this right from the beginning to save years of frustration, so I am glad you’re enjoying it all!

      Let me know more about you and stay in touch! 😉

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  5. Pablo says:

    Hey, great job, I am a director of a Design Study oriented to the development of virtual training based on learning by doing. If we can help you somehow let me know.


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    • Rod says:

      Hey Pablo!
      I am glad your enjoyed our first piano lesson report! 😀
      Your site seems very intresting, I’ll be sending you an email in the following days so we can get in touch.

      Make sure to stay in touch and let me know more about you!

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  6. Guy Eschemann says:

    Page 47:
    – Major Third Interval: 5 Half Tones from the first to second note
    – Minor Third Interval: 4 Half Tones from the first to second note

    As far as I know, a Major Third consists of 4 half tones while a minor thirds has 3. You probably meant the number of keys including the first and the last one, right?

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Guy!
      How are you?

      Thanks so much for your feedback.

      Yes, you’re right, it was meant to be “keys” not “half tones”, as 5 half-tones is the distance of the Perfect Fourth Interval. 😉

      We actually noticed that mistake on Monday and corrected right away. Thus, we posted a notice on our Community Chat Room telling everyone to get the updated copy by re-downloading the report, using the same link provided on the email. However, it seems many missed the notice, so we’ll be sending an email right away! 🙂

      Let me know what you think of the rest of the report,
      and I hope that you truely enjoy it!

      Best wishes,

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  7. Pedro says:

    I never thought that this report was going to be so complete and easy to understand. If this is just the beggining, I can’t wait for what is coming next.

    Thank you very much.

    P. S.: Oh, and I forgot to tell that some of my favourites songs are themes by Danny Elfman. Does anyone like his music? I love “Victor’s piano solo” and the duet from the “Corpse Bride” sound track.

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  8. Fernando says:

    Estoy leyendo actualmente el material recibido, me faltan sólo unas pocas hojas para terminarlo. Me pareció excelente, ya que es muy didáctico y claro en sus conceptos.


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  9. Jassel Rojas says:

    Many Thanks, for your revolution, the mother Music bless you!!

    It´s a altruistic event, really is exciting to know that at least thousands of people, maybe millions, could have some execution basis of the most romantic instrument of mankind.

    This revolution began the first step very good, Piano for all!!!

    Have a good day everyone!!
    Jassel Rojas

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Jassel!
      THANK YOU for leaving this comment. 😀
      I showed your comment to the whole team, and they all agreed that all the effort and nights without sleep were really worthwhile!

      Your comment really gives us lots of energy and enthusiasm and makes us want to realease more and MORE free stuff! 😀

      Thanks so much for all your support.
      Stay in touch, and let me know more about you.


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  10. Shah says:

    Dear Ron,
    Great work, Still in the process of reading the report. Already, I believe it will be a useful reference.I am excited and awaiting your coverage on chord voicing. My experience in learning by ears and what I found out is that if u want to shortcut the learning process and really soung professional, learning the right chord voicing is critical.I found the Bill Evans style of chord voicing pretty awesome and cant wait to learn other chord voicing styles. One that does not requires to much memory power.

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  11. Cres says:

    Hi Rod,

    I have read through the whole thing twice, and I will soon sit down at the piano with it as well. Thank you so much for great work. It was a really great way not only to learn more about the piano, but also learn some music theory while we’re at it 😀

    It contained information that we probably must have paid “rip-off” prices for at Amazon and places like that. A very balaned language as well, when it comes to the fact that you didn’t know the experience level of your readers.

    Again, thank you so much for this report and I can’t hardly wait till the next one. My hands are itching after learing more about chord progression, harmonize scales and so on 🙂

    Oh, and Pedro, I like Danny Elfman’s music very much. I would not call him my favorite movie composers, but he’s not so far away 🙂

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  12. DJ says:

    Wow, really great for begginners, I am currently a piano student and this book is really helpful especially for the piano music theory charts.

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    • Rod says:

      Hi DJ!
      I am so glad you loved it!!! 😀
      Comments like yours make all the effort worthwhile! 😀
      In the name of the whole team THANKS!

      Stay in touch and let me know more about you,

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  13. adolfo says:

    Hi Rod

    Congratulations for your excellent effort. it’s a great contribution for the people who wants to play piano but understanding what they are doing. when I read your story I identificated me in it. It was the kind of course I was looking for.

    tanks you so much and for your colaborators.

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Adolfo!
      I am so glad this was just what you were looking for! 🙂
      I am sure that you’ll definetely love The Piano Encyclopedia’s Main Lessons! There we’re adding interactive animations, more images and recordings, and writing down all the secrets to composing, improvising, and truly understanding music!

      I hope to hear back from you soon and to know more about you,
      Thanks so much for your feedback! 😀

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  14. Babar says:

    Dear Rod & friends,

    It is a great service that you are providing to the piano community of this world. In this day and age, service for altruistic reasons is a rare virtue. I would like to congratulate you for the success of this project. I would also like to say sorry that I took so long to send a comment but I was busy and did not read your report until recently and I have found it to be quite useful. I am eagerly awaiting the complete reports as the first one only seems to be an appetizer. I wish you well for the future.

    Best regards,

    Babar Malik

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Babar,
      I am really happy to receive your comment! 😀
      Comments like yours make me and all our team want to give more free stuff to the Piano community!
      Thanks!!! 🙂

      Keep in touch and tell me more about you!
      Best wishes,

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  15. Fran says:

    Hey Rod and the team, thank you very much!!


    I have been playing with the “chinese” scales, having lots of fun with that one. Is there a latin american scale?

    Thank you, best regards.


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    • Rod says:

      Hi Fran!
      I am glad you enjoyed Music Fundamentals! 🙂

      Yes! Scales can be really fun indeed!
      Even more, once you start harmonizing them and adding chords, playing new music styles is really easy- and specially, lots of fun! :mrgreen:

      Regarding new scales, it’s quite hard to find scales categorized as “Latin American”. However, you do have some special pentatonic scales which are used by the Natives in South America. This one have a very relaxing sound and usually goes well when played with a Sikus (wind instrument). I actually bought a Sikus in one of my recent trips and tried to play it along with my piano; although they are quite hard to play.

      If you have a electronic Keyboard you may want to try giving your piano a wind-instrument sound… and that will sound lovely.

      On the other hand, there are also Spanish scales. These last ones, are not Latin-American, but at least have a Spanish root. These are really fun to play, and they sound much like “Flamenco”.

      Let me know and I’ll get you any of these scales exposed in our blog. 😉

      Stay in touch and tell me more about you!
      Best wishes,

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  16. Jolie says:

    Hi Rod,
    I’ve just finished the report and your report has made learning so much simpler! Great job overall though for me an advanced beginner so as to say I have some difficulty in grasping the 7th and 9th interval at page 65 – 67 as the article states…”Seventh chords. This means that there is a fourth note that includes a Seventh interval from the root” which confuses me. Hence I’m now trying to figure out by myself >_<

    Nevertheless other than these 2 pages the rest of the pages were great! I hope to hear news from your 2nd release soon!


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    • Rod says:

      Hi Jolie! 😀
      Thanks so much for your comment! I am really happy our Music Fundamentals report has made learning so much simpler! 😀

      Regaring your question, I’ll answer it soon so you can master all types of chords and intervals!

      Stay in touch, 😀

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  17. anndelise says:

    I have attempted to make music off and on for quite a number of years now. Problem is that I don’t want to use sheet music, nor to follow someone else’s compositions. I want to create my own, composing and improvising for me, myself, and I. Not too long ago I came across a site referred to as the Cypher system, which helped me learn about Intervals and ‘half steps’. I really liked the simplicity as well as learning that all those scales and chords that books and sites list are based off of simple formulas that can be easily memorized and recreated for any key, scale, and/or chord.

    But…I never knew what to do with that knowledge, nor that I was even ‘allowed’ to create my own chords, much less how I could do that. Thank you for that info!

    I look forward to more info from this site, particularly about creating my own chord progressions and melodies.

    Oh, and I especially appreciated the visual aspects of this project. It’s much easier to grasp a concept while seeing it, over merely words. Good job with the graphics, they are clear, readable, and aesthetically pleasing.

    (On a side note, I did notice a number of spelling and editing errors in this report as of 1/5/09, if you’d like, I could go back through and create an email listing where these errors are. I’m far from being a perfectionist in grammar, but there are certain common errors that seem to make an otherwise good product seem less professionally done.)


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  18. Desi says:

    Hi Rod,
    I’m currently reading your report and I must admit it is fantastic! I’ve been studying piano for some years, giving up and starting again quite a lot of times. Your personal history is very similar to mine 🙂
    The project is a great idea and it will help a lot of people. I’ve never found something similar in the internet!
    By the way, my mother tongue is Spanish, but I have no problems reading the report in English; it is clear and easy to understand. That is an important property for the people of other countries. Congratulations again.

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  19. ana says:

    Just finished first lesson. My mother (who is a piano teacher) wasn’t able to teach me this much in past oh, god knows how many years with her conventional approach (sorry, Mom). I’ll definitely show her this website. Can’t wait to start a second lesson. Thanks for doing this,guys 😀

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  20. Wilson Tjandra says:

    Hi Rod,

    I just found your website a week ago and I can say that even though the report is free, it is the best 111 pages of music I have ever touched. I could not believe that there exist such logic to music playing. Maybe this is what differentiates average piano players and the exceptional ones.

    I began to play piano again this past two months after 10 years of idling. I practice for more than two hours each day, and after I read the report, the music sheets suddenly become so much more clear than ever before. I have a dream of being able to play piano on stage, and with what’s coming, I don’t think it is impossible anymore.

    Thank you for the amazing report, and it is such a perfect timing that the main product will be released soon.

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  21. anna june tandoc says:

    Hi! I started printing out your fundamentals of music and I started reading it too. Thank you so much for sharing us what you know. I’m sure this copy will help me a lot.Again, thank you very much and God bless you.

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  22. Jennette says:

    Hello. I have looked on different websites to try and find something that would help me on chords, and this was the best and easiest approach. My husband and I go to church, where everyone has some type of music ability. I’ve never been cordinated or very consistant in anything I’ve tried to play. This has helped me, along with prayer. I am very thankful to have found such a wonderful way of teaching, thank you very much for that!

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  23. Hernan says:

    Excelente material
    Muy claro y didactico, practico, va de inmediato a lo que se necesita sin cosas tediosas y explicaciones muy largas.
    Me parecio entretenido de leer, escrito en una manera amena y cercana
    Estoy esperando el fasiculo dos

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  24. Leocadio says:

    I have learned a lot with your teachings.

    Thank you very much, and I will be going on with your lessons.

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  25. Juan Pedro says:

    Soy estudiante de piano y coincido con las demás opiniones en que el material es muy bueno.
    Me va a ayudar mucho.
    Muchas gracias.
    Os animo a seguir por este camino.

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  26. Vicotr says:

    I am music lover that wanted to do some of that I listened.I didn’t know how to do it well, and now, I am far of being a profesional or something similar but I think I am nearly to the true meaning of music.

    Thank you for the way of teaching,it seems very simple and familiar.

    Expecting for next lessons

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  27. Aileen says:

    Hi Rod, Thank you for your lesson on chords, I read all your pages a whole 110 or so of them. I have been playing piano, keyboard and organ for many years, about 40 years or so, but I am always interested in learning more which would possibly be able to improve my playing to a higher level. I will be staying in touch and following you through.Cheers Aileen

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  28. Rod says:

    Thanks to EVERYONE!!!! 😀
    These comments make every single second that everyone of us invested in creating Music Fundamentals well worth !

    Your comments serve as a lot of encouragement for all our team members who have been working for many months in this project, and also help us to spread the word and get other people to know about us!

    So really, THANK YOU! I am really happy that Music Fundamentals has has helped many of you see music from a whole new perspective, and that has these concepts that I have been sharing with you have helped everyone as much as they helped me when I first learned them.

    If you liked Music Fundamentals, then stay tuned as we’ll be having our next release very soon! We’ll be releasing The Piano Encyclopedia’s first Digital-Home Study Course named “The Logic Behind Music”, which will continue the lessons from where Music Fundamentals left off, and show all the necessary techniques to master Music Composition and Improvisation, combining the experiences of all the musicians of our team. BUT with interactive graphics, animations, sounds, chord/scale/interval piano-charts, real world-examples, … and much more!

    To read more details and enjoy previews check the latest blog posts. The latest news, here:


    In the name of our team,
    thanks everyone for your support!
    Cheers! 😀

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  29. Edgar says:

    Rod, thanks a lot.
    I got some very interesting concepts that will help me for sure.
    What about the next lessons?
    I feel as if I´m about to get something even greater.

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  30. Javier Rebollo says:

    Muchas gracias. El esfuerzo que ustedes realizaron para elaborar “Music Fundamentals” lo pueden traducir en el gusto de quienes lo podemos analizar y poner en práctica sus consejos.
    Gracias también por difundirlo gratuítamente.

    Javier Rebollo

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  31. Javier Rebollo says:

    Hi Rod:
    Thanks for your message. I could not download the Piano-Chart Booklet. When I try to do it, appears a message that indicates the following thing (in Spanish): Adobe Reader could not open “The Encyclopedia Piano Chart Booklet. 2 pdf” because it is not a type of files admitted or is damaged.

    Please you can send it again? Thank you very much.

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Javier!
      I have just send you instructions by email so you can enjoy the Piano Encyclopedia’s Piano-Chart Booklet! 🙂


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  32. Javier Rebollo says:

    Hello Rod.
    Thanks for your help. Now, I enjoy very much “Music Fundamentals” and also “The Encyclopedia´s Piano Charts Piano.” I consider that it is a great material for a person as I – 69 years old – like aid to learn piano and to understand what I am doing.
    I have only one year with my studies in piano, and I have done it with my own means since I am distant to work and I have limited income.
    Thanks to God that exist people like you, which they share his experience and knowledge. I am your admirer, who wishes that you have all the success that you deserve with “Encyclopedia’s Piano.”
    Thank for the fineness of your attention. Sorry for my English.
    Javier Rebollo.

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  33. Carlos Garcia says:

    Hi Rod !

    I have downloaded “Music Fundamentals” and I found it’s very interesting and it will be very useful for me. The explanations are clear, and it exposes useful concepts.
    Thanks for your effort!! 😀

    Yours faithfully,
    Carlos García

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  34. Alfredo says:


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    • Rod says:

      Thanks Alfredo so much! I am so glad Music Fundamentals was so helpful to you! 😀

      Let me translate for everyone so everyone can understand it 🙂

      🙂 Thank you Rod for sharing your story which many of us have identified with. However, there have been many reasons for why, in my case, I couldn’t obtain the level I have always wanted as I did not have enough time to practice, and specially I didn’t have the right material that could motivate me and explain me in a simple way important subjects related to the study of piano. And for some reason other books complicate all concepts in a way that they end up discouraging the student. This does not occur in your book, and so I am infinitively thankful for the good wish you have of sharing your knowledge. Congratulations and I hope you continue sharing more material.

      Greetings from Guatemala.

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  35. Piano Lessons Enthusiast says:

    Hey great posting! I find a lot of what you say very helpful and informative, keep up the awesome work, I’ll be sure to share this!

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  36. Bruno says:


    Thank’s for this ebook
    Help me a lot to understand the scales,
    I just begin yesterday 29/06/09 with a electric keyboard..
    Is a little creepy..xD.. but sounds ¬¬U

    Really is very helpful and free T^T
    thank’s again, read you later!! ^-^

    Pd: sorry for my english xP

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  37. Cecilia says:

    I’ve studied Piano a long time, a long time ago. But even I love the piano, I quit because my lessons were too boring for a 7 years old kid, and all the songs they gave me to learn, were boring too.
    While I was looking for some way to start again and I found this amazing encyclopedia. And all I have to say is THANKS!! :mrgreen:

    The work you share is incredible and it helped a lot to remember some old things, and learn new ones. And I’m very glad you’re including and cheering people to compose their own music, that’s a very important part that at least the teachers I had always forgot.

    Greetings from Argentina


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    • Rod says:

      Hi Cecilia!
      I am so glad Music Fundamentals has helped you! 😀

      That is completely true… most teachers only teach students how to play songs.. and they forget about how important is to be able to improvise and create your own music without depending on scores, lead sheets, or whatever.. but sadly most teachers don’t know this… So I am so glad that Music Fundamentals helped you! 🙂

      Cecilia, I would love to to know more about you. It’s great that you are from Argentina! Please write me back and do tell me more about you 😀

      Rod 😉

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  38. peter Hallow says:

    realmente no tengo palabras par agradecer este magnifco material al igual que muchos de los colegas que aqui comentan a mi me ha servido mucho como principiante ,ya que otros libros complican mucho las explicaciones,,,ahora puedo comprender mejor por ejemplo los intervalos y su relacion con la formacion d acordes,,,,,,ya que aqui se muestran de una manera clara y sencilla..realmente muchas gracias y espero que sigas compartiendo este magnifico material…..

    Sorry i dont speak very well English,but i can say you this :really thanks very much for share this work…
    congratulations…from Mexico

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Peter!!!
      Thank so much for you comment I am so glad that you enjoyed Music Fundamentals so much! 😀

      Let me translate your comment so everyone can read it:

      “I really don’t have enough words to thank you for this magnificent material, as many piano players have already done here. For me it has been really helpful. Being a beginner, other books complicate too much the concepts… Now I can understand everything much better, like the intervals and their relationship to the making of chords… as here they are explained in a clear and simple way. Really, thank you so much, and I hope you continue sharing more of this magnificent material..”

      Thank you so much Peter! 😀
      Stay in touch and do tell me more about you,


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  40. Sara says:

    :mrgreen: Perfect, thanks to everybody who did it 😉
    I started to play piano 11 years ago, but i never try to make my own music, thanks to that i can do it (FINALLY!!! 😀 )

    THANKS (again



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    • Rod says:

      Thank you Sara! I am so glad it has helped you so much! 😀

      Now, after working for three years with team of more than fifty contributors, we have just released our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music” that picks up where the eBook left off, but has one important difference: this time it is a multimedia-interactive-social piano learning experience! It has more than 500 pages of multimedia lessons, with more than 2,000 interactive graphics, animations, piano recordings, virtual on-screen piano keyboards, a full featured social piano community … and much more! 😎

      You might one want to check it out! 😉

      Cheers! 🙂

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  41. Yazmín says:

    😆 Hola.

    Muchísimas gracias por permitirme particiar en el conocimiento y aprendizaje del piano. Acabo de recibir en mi correo este valioso material y estoy muy entusiasmada en empezarlo. Soy Colombiana y como pueden ver no hablo el inglés, pero pienso que cuando se quiere algo, en este caso la música no hay barreras.

    Gracias por apoyar e incentivar la difución de la música en el mundo.
    Espero que continúen con esta excelente labor.

    Muchos éxitos.

    Yazmín Llanos
    Cali – Colombia 😛

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    • Rod says:

      Hi Yazmin! 😀
      I am so glad it has helped you, it makes us very happy!
      Thanks for the congratulations!


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  42. vivek says:

    this course of music fundamental for piano is really very useful
    as im not saying it as such but i ve experienced it
    its very legible and must for biggners
    even i was a biggner..
    i wud suggest any one who aspire for playing piano not just playing but even knowing wat the chords and intervals mean physically
    tnz rod a lot

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  43. sergio says:

    hi rod muchas gracias por enviarme tu libro no entiendo mucho el ingles I am sorry es por eso que no te puedo decir mas palabras amigo muchas gracias esta muy excelente

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  44. sergio says:

    con la ayuda de un amigo que sabe ingles estoy estudiando tu libro soy de mexico muchas gracias

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  45. mercedes says:

    thank you very much for your gift; I think it is very useful and very clear; I am a beginner piano student by myself, so with this book it will be easier. Your book is a good work. I am not from USA so I apologize for my english. Thank you.

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  46. Steinway Dan says:

    This is a very informative post and look forward to sharing this with our local music educators

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  47. Alfredo says:

    Hi Rod,
    I had during my childhood a very similar bad experience with music lessons as you described. The only difference was that I was trying to learn guitar and that finally I left those lessons for ever. Now my kid is learning music with a more better learning methodology. And I think that your lessons should allowed me, as a music student, to understand easily many things which seems cryptic to me in the past and thus enjoy music learning. It´s a pity that many music teachers make their pupils bore (and hate) music performance or musical theory. Congratulations, I hope you publish soon next lessons.

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    • Rod says:

      Hello Alfredo!
      Thank you so much for you comment.
      I truly appreciate it! 😀

      Comments like yours make everything worthwhile. I am so glad Music Fundamentals was really helpful to you.
      Stay in touch and tell me more about you, 😉


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  48. querido rod
    estoy muy agradecido por tus libros , yo estoy aprendiendo piano hace poco , y quede sorprendido por tus libros . son espectaculares , grandiosas ilustraciones , estoy viendolos de a poco , ya que hablo poco ingles
    sincerely yours

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  49. Rikardozz says:

    Soy de Venezuela, y me ha parecido un grandicimo aporte por que me trae dos cosas aprendo a tocar teclado y apredo ingles, lo hago para Dios, Gracias por permitirme este privilegio

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  50. Just Thank you very much.
    I love you 😉
    When are you going to write a “second part” teaching about inverse chord and seven chords etc..
    Thanks againg.dani.

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  51. sentman says:

    😳 😛 am honoured to have your book its nice i love it and promise to use it well God bless you

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  52. Achmad says:

    Thank you… your e-book is really helpful for guiding me in a basic level of music 🙂

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  53. Justin says:

    Hello. I started my music path as a house DJ, and provided vocals for small bands wherever I stayed as I traveled the globe. When I returned home to continue school, I thought about giving production a try. I knew/felt that I had a good ear for music, and after digging through my basement and asking around for good deals on sound equipment, I finally built a small music station in my basement. The biggest problem I have is that I have no training in music theory, and I can’t play the piano.

    I’m 20 pages in and this packet is already doing a lot for me. Huge help. If I make it famous, it’s because of this packet.

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  54. Chaco Cefaleas says:

    mae he estado siguiendo sus textos y son muy interesantes y de facil manejo y aprendizaje, man only good, really enjoy your material I learn too much from the piano to transcribe to my guitar, cefaleasrock.blogspot.com, see you next time

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  55. amir says:

    hi this is the best lesson book really its amazing and guides step by step
    Thank you verey much and hope you to be the best always thnks.
    amir from egypt

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  56. geoffrey says:

    thanks for the teaching which has been a question on my mind recently where in music is the place for diminished and 7th chords etc. i was a bit confused, but now i have grasped that it is for tension and release to make music more listenable> thanks

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  57. Slawek says:


    I play on a keyboard just a bit and I was always using chords table.
    Now I don’t need it anymore.
    Thank you.

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  58. Coba says:

    Hi Rod,
    Thank you for the Free eBook – Music Fundamental. The book is easy to understand. I like it very much.

    Thanks again.

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  59. Jeffrey says:

    Hm, I get an error when I try to download it. So I don’t know for sure how good the eBook is.

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  60. Miguel says:

    Estoy estudiando piano, por algun tiempo, y esta es la primera vez que me encuentro con un enfoque tan interesante. El libro esta bien escrito, facil de entender incluso para alguien que su primer idioma no es el ingles. Relamente me esta gustando mucho.


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  61. E.ANDREWS JOSHUA says:

    Hi Rod, I downloaded and read your e-book.The contents are very interesting,lucid and nice.It was very useful for me to learn the basics of Composing and Improvising.But my kind request is that,please prepare your next report on how to harmonize a melody,how to accompany any song at instant time and how to improve the sight-reading and ear training.

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  62. Anna says:

    Hi Rod,

    I just wanted to say thank you! I have been playing piano for years but only from sheet music and I knew I didn’t really understand what was happening with the music. I have been talking about learning to play piano in this way for a long time now as but couldn’t find anywhere that would teach it in such a clear way and informative way. I bought a chord book recently but just didn’t know where to start with it. I stumbled across your site by accident and I am very happy I did so! I can’t wait for the rest of the lessons. Thank you!!

    Anna 🙂 🙂

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  63. hugo says:

    hi Rod , i’v been trying to find a better way to learn more how to play to keyboard and wow i already found it . it has been so useful for me. and i am really thankful with you . thanks for use your time to share your knowledge with us.

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  64. Dli says:

    Hi Rod, thank you very much for your interest in others understand the piano, the truth I only speak Spanish. but I think I will be very useful to the electronic book. I tell you then as it is the experience. 🙂

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  65. Brian says:

    As an “old” stager who went through the same stages as you it was very interesting to see your journey and mine were similar. Unfortunately for me I never found that good teacher but I did manage to develop beyond the stages in your e book. It is a very good, illustrative journey you have developed, congratulations!

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  66. Aldo says:

    Thank you so much Rod for release this ebook, easy and friendly to learn piano.
    I enjoy it every day!!

    By by

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  67. dina says:

    I loved the fundamentals. I am a beginner so this is extremely helpful. I want to say thanks for such a great piece of learning for free! I will pay you back by playing beautiful music and telling everyone where I learned.

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  68. Ren says:

    Hi, i have just downloaded and printed out the music chart to start practising piano. I thought it was great and truly blessed we have this information freely given to us to achieve our goals. I am a beginner piano player, and have just signed up to start piano lessons once a week for 45mins. My goal is now a reality as this booklet will help me to practise confidently, to one day ”LIVE MY DREAM” to be a PIANO PLAYER, with the desire to be a MUSIC/SONG WRITER. I believe that i can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. I have based my END OF YEAR PROJECT on my goal and desire to pursue my career in one day becoming a pianist to compose my very own piece of music. So far, i have just written lyrics to a song i am yet to put a tune to. My family, my music, my culture inspire me to be who I am, and they are the reason why music plays a huge part in my life. The fundamentals booklet is a bonus!

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  69. Franco says:

    Hi Rod

    I am a beginner pianist, but I have studied music before and the concepts presented in the ebook were familiar to me already. Even so, I found it extremely helpful, as I was able to apply them with ease to the piano – everything is explained simply and effectively.
    Im curious to know where the following lessons are headed to.

    One thing I should say tho is that I find it easier to build chords thinking in terms of major and minor scales and their degrees rather than pure interval relations. I dont know if you will cover that on the next lessons, but I think its a worthwhile approach to the whole scale – chord relationship. Anyway, keep up the great work!


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  70. Faye says:

    HI Rod,

    I haven’t gone through all of it yet, how ever what I have studied has been great.
    AS an older beginner piano student: I find your “Piano Lesson Report ” very easy to understand, and follow.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to get it.


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