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The First Piano Lesson Report’s Exact Release Date IS….


Hi Everyone!!!

As promised, it’s time for me to tell you the EXACT release date of our First Piano Lesson Report!!!

But, before I share that with you- you didn’t happen to miss our previous post, did you?

A Short Recap…

We’ve made SO much incredible progress during the last few months that this project is nothing compared to what it was at the beginning. It’s actually bigger and much better!

We even posted PREVIEWS of all the “Secret Development” we’ve been working on the last few months, and -for the first time- we announced the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATES of The Piano Encyclopedia’s complete learning system.

So if you did miss the previous post, make sure you check out everything here, learn about the NEW Piano Encyclopedia’s Community, the NEW Main Piano Lesson’s Course, and watch all the PREVIEWS!

Getting to Know You Better

I also mentioned in that post, that I would love to get to know you better and I think it would also be great for you to also know me better too! In this way, I wrote 3 questions for getting to know everyone better, but I have answered them myself FIRST :).

The questions that I wrote on the previous post were::

  1. How long have you been playing piano?
    Or are you looking forward to it? :wink:
  2. What are you most interested in learning?
  3. Which music styles, composers, or music groups are your favorite? :smile:

You may read MY answers to the previous questions here:

See Rod’s Answers to the Previous Questions

So make sure to let me know more about you by posting a comment there with YOUR answers! 🙂

Regarding the Piano Lesson Reports…

Yes.. While we continue creating the rest of the product and developing the new Piano Encyclopedia’s Community, we are going to be releasing these periodic piano lesson reports so that you can start practicing chords, scales, and get a sneak peek into composition and improvisation tips, even before The Piano Encyclopedia comes out!

As I mentioned on our previous post, we really want to THANK YOU for all this time you have been anxiously waiting, so we hope that these piano lesson reports that we are going to prepare for you, every two or three weeks, make the waiting time shorter and a more enjoyable ride, while we test and finish developing the Piano Encyclopedia’s Main Piano Lessons courses, the new interactive Community platform, and all the new exciting features that we’ve working on the past months and we mentioned our previous post.

The First Piano Lesson Report

Indeed the FIRST Piano Lesson Report is about ready, and I want to tell you everything about it!

So now you are probably wondering, what exactly am I going to learn throughout the FIRST Piano Lesson Report?

Even though The Piano Encyclopedia is both for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students alike, we actually weren’t sure about where to start the Piano Report Lessons.

However, lucky for many people that are just starting out, we have decided to make our first Piano Lesson Report start right at the beginning! This way we’ll be able to provide you with more advanced material and composing tips in the following Piano Report Lessons, while making sure that everyone has understands the basics. This will be also a great recap for many intermediate and advanced students too, as we’ll be teaching some fundamentals with a different approach that will surely make all the rest easy.

We’ll be stressing on the understanding of the relationship between chords, scales, and music intervals- right at the beginning- so you’ll be able to see songs from another perspective and advance quite fast, as we move quickly into the world of composing, improvising, and understanding music!

Let me give you a sneak peek into some of the things that are included into our very first Piano Lesson Report, so you know what you are going to get:

The First Piano Lesson Report Includes:

  1. Get to know the fundamentals of composing, and improvising: Discover how mastering scales, chords, and music intervals will take your piano skills to the next level.
  2. Starting right at the beginning: chords, scales, and music intervals explained!
  3. Discover how to use intervals to play any chord or scale type on ANY key, without having to memorize every single note.
  4. Understand why chords sound like they do, find out the relationship between music intervals and the basic chord types.
  5. Master the major and minor triad chords and learn to play them on any key- by using the music intervals.
  6. Get a sneak peek into more complex Jazz and Blues chords and the role music intervals play here too.
  7. Discover the relationship between Scales and intervals, and get a sneak peek into some interesting scales.
  8. Learn what scales or chords are usually helpful in creating a sad, melancholic, romantic, happy or cheerful mood for a song – and understand why.
  9. Get an introduction to all the fundamentals so you’re ready to get into composing and improvising.
  10. We’ve included Tons of Piano Interval & Chord Charts full of graphics, so you can print them out and practice everything right in your piano.
  11. And much more…

As you can see, we’ve included a lot into our very first Piano Lesson Report and have already begun thinking of what we’ll be including into the next Piano Lesson Report.

This has been lots of work, can you believe we’re going to actually be giving away all this for FREE!?

Why? We’re really want to THANK YOU for all the time you’ve been waiting, and for supporting our development. In this way, we’re going to be giving away great valuable content -exclusively-for our subscribers, so we will never publish this material directly on our site, as we’ll be sending it directly to your email 🙂

So when is this all going to be available for you? I think its time I tell you! We will be making our very first Piano Lesson Report available on:

The First Piano Lesson Report will be Sent to Your inbox on:

Sunday, October 5th at 4pm EST Time!

In this way you’ll be able to enjoy it during the rest of your Sunday, in just less than two weeks! However if you’re signed up with our newsletter you don’t have to worry at all, as on October 5th at 4pm EST time you’ll get the whole report right in your inbox! If you haven’t signed up yet, you may do that here to Reserve your Copy of the First Piano Lesson Report.

Now that is not all that we will be making available to you. I know, there is just so much going on its amazing. We’ve actually gone ahead and updated our blog layout.

We’ve added a calendar -which is right on the sidebar- to allow you to follow everything along easily and so you don’t miss any events throughout the months. We have also added a “Subscribe to comments” option, so that you’ll be able to follow your comment’s replies easily, by getting an email notification every time there is a new reply.

This feature will be most useful after the release our Piano Lesson Reports, as you’ll be able to leave any music questions on our blog, and you’ll get notified when anyone answers them.

We will continue updating everyone on how things are coming along and keep broadcasting you more Piano Lesson Reports, previews, and soon beta invitations. I hope you love our very first Piano Lesson Report, give me tons of feedback on what you like, ask any music questions you might have, and comment on anything else your minds can think of.

Stay tuned for our next blog news- next Friday 26th!



P.S: The first Piano Lesson Report will be released on October 5th at 4pm EST Time, if you haven’t subscribed, make sure you do that now here, as we’ll be sending it right into your inbox. 😉

3 Responses to The First Piano Lesson Report’s Exact Release Date IS….

  1. Nadia says:


    Thank you.
    I can download the 110 Pages Piano Report Lesson Music Fundamentals 😀 , but y can’t download the Piano Chart Booklet Ebook. 😥

    I read this error: “Error al abrir el documento. El archivo está dañado y no puede repararse”.

    ¿Can you help me?

    Thank you, the materials is very good. 🙂

    I read it to everything in one night (yesterday). I will put today it in practice. Really ample my vision. God blesses to you.

    Best whishes.

    Córdoba, Argentina

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  2. Rod says:

    Hi Nadia!
    I am so happy that you enjoyed Music Fundamentals
    and that it really helped you! 🙂

    Regarding your download problem, the file seems to be fine, but there might be a problem with your Internet Browser or you may need to get the latest version of Acrobat Reader (which is free).

    However, don’t worry, I’ll be sending you an email right now so you can get your copy of the Piano Charts as soon as possible! 😉

    We’re right now really excited as we’re about to finish the Core Lessons of The Piano Encyclopedia! So if you enjoyed Music Fundamentals, make sure to stay tuned!

    Stay in touch and I’d love to hear more about you! 🙂


    P.S: How long have you been playing piano, or are you just starting?

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  3. Nadia says:

    Hello! Thanks for your aid. I already could unload the file. I do not know that it could have happened.

    Thank you very much by everything.

    I felt very identified with your testimony, between goings and comings altogether I am 19 months old to study piano (in fact keyboard). It is a CTK Casio 710, humble, it serves but me to practice. Balance sheet little by little, only the first 5 months were with score, soon with American coding. But it costs to me to improvise, now I will try this new experience.

    Best whishes.

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