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The Piano Learning Revolution!

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Hello everyone!!![Image] playing piano, composing, improvising, compose, improve harmony

A long time has passed since our previous post and we have SO many new things to tell you!!!

It has been a month of hard work and lots of excellent improvements and new features!!!

We’re so excited with the new results that I don’t know where to start!

We have more than doubled the content of our Encyclopedia!!!!

    • 350 700 pages of unique-content about everything you wanted to know about keyboard playing, composing, and improvising on the piano.
    • 300 2400!!! full-color illustrations of piano keyboards picturing chord, scales, intervals, and how to harmonize any existing scale!
  1. The Piano Encyclopedia now has SOUND. Yes!!! You can now listen to more than 2500 piano recordings and listen to any chord, interval, or scale.
    • You can listen to any chord played in block, arpeggio, or just listen to it note-by-note!
    • Listen to any scales in ascending or descending form, and understand for once why the minor scale has two different forms depending if played up or down.
    • Harmonize scales and try your own chord progressions and listen them right on your computer.
  2. Yes! You’ll now be able to harmonize any scale (major, minor, arabic, jazz scales, everything you ever wanted will be at your reach with just a click) and The Piano Encyclopedia will tell you what chords you should play for each given note of the scale.
    • This all sounds wonderful, but the best part is that apart from being shown what chords to play, YOU will learn how to harmonize any scale you ever want!

The technique is easy and it’s something that has changed completely my approach to piano playing. After I learned this a whole new path was opened for me, and I began understanding how to improvise and how to compose on the piano. You will begin too to understand music for real, not only being able to compose and improvise, but to also understand WHY songs you like sound well. And I am not talking about only popular songs… classical pieces, rock, any style, once you understand music you’ll learn that all styles, no matter what you play, have a common structure in common.

The practical study of harmony will open your eyes, and lead you to paths you never thought you were going to reach. And I am not writing this just to interest you, this is what was my path in learning piano, with years of playing pieces without knowing all this until I discovered this wonderful knowledge that changed everything. I am now able to compose, improvise, and even understand better the pieces I play from other composers. Now even when I play Chopin waltzes or Sting’s song I can see the harmony behind, and understand why certain passages sound that well.

I assure you that once you get to understand something as simple as how to harmonize scales, your whole piano playing perspective will change!

In the next post I’ll tell you about all the other features our team has developed!!!

Please give us feedback and tell us if you like them. Your feedback is the most important thing to us, as it enables us to create developments based on the piano community’s needs, and our goal is to teach music, composing, and improvising at the piano, with the most efficient, practical, and easiest approach.

Cheers! 😀


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  1. MrMister says:

    Thank you so much for the Music Fundamentals. The question I have is I went back to a posting dated September 28, 2007 and it mentioned the Piano Encyclopedia with sound. Can you forward that information to me. I am still not sure where or how you got my web address but I am glad you have it. Thank you so much. 🙂

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