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  • Learn Piano from Home

    Learn at your own pace, whenever you want, using our interactive step-by-step lessons.

  • Improvise and Compose

    Create your own music even if you are a first-time player. Discover how music works.

  • Play Songs by Ear

    Learn in a fun and easy way: no reading sheet music, no rules, and no memorization!

"I've learned more from this course than I've learned from all my piano teachers combined"

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Digital Home-Study Course Features


    Discover How Music Really Works

    Learn the secrets to playing the piano with freedom.


    Step-by-Step Lessons

    Recommended for all levels: first-time player, beginner, intermediate and advanced.


    Interactive Examples

    Watch, listen, and even interact with over 3000 animations. Learn in a fun and easy way.


    The Virtual Piano

    Away from your piano? Practice using your computer’s mouse and keyboard.


    The Training Suites

    Interactive tools that will help you play by ear, sight read, and create your own music easily.


    A Social Experience

    Get answers from our trained musicians. Share your progress with other students.

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  • Your interactive teaching is bar-none the best I've come across in all my years of trying to master playing the piano.

    Timothy Wolliston • Florida,
    United States

    I never thought that music could be taught in such a simple, accessible way. I just finished the whole thing and particularly loved the part about inversions.

    Ana Fedorenko • Vernon Hills,
    Illinois, United States

    This course is by far the best course I've done! I'm completely sold on this course, and the staff and the help from the creators is outstanding. I'd give this course 12 / 10 if I could.

    Joakim Valberg • Uppland,
  • I think your course is outstanding. I am really learning a lot about 'The Logic Behind Music' and playing the keyboard. I look forward every day to my lessons.

    Alex Van Quatermain • Ohio,
    United States

    It is really the first time that a course has brought me such satisfaction. Chords, intervals and scales were clear and comprehensible for me.

    Robert Antonio • Belgium

    I know a lot of other ideas for piano online learning but I can say that for the first time in years buying learning software I'm 100% satisfied with my investment.

    Franc Bruno,
  • This beats any program I've used before - including living piano teachers just in it for the thirty bucks for the half-hour

    Bruce Schmelz • Delaware,
    United States

    I am studying your lessons and I am amazed about what I have learned so far in a short period of time. Your lessons are right to the point and so easy to assimilate.

    Pierre Lacroix • Becancour,
    Quebec, Canada

    Your Course is really amazing, and I am not an easy customer, believe me :). I bought many online piano courses before. To give a 5 stars feedback like that is because I really liked it.

    Bruno Spinelli • Florida,
    United States
  • This is the best product I have seen online. I strongly recommend this product... They will suddenly begin to understand what they are playing.

    Oscar Dsouza • Dubai,
    United Arab Emirates

    I have already greatly increased my understanding of musical structure not only on piano but for the guitar and in general all categories.

    JR Jennings • New Mexico,
    United States

    Thank You! Thank You! As a retired engineer with no musical experience, you have made an apparent arbitrary system logical.

    Bruce Woods,
    United States