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Map of the World 20 Countries

Our Exclusive Pre-release started on December of 2009 and ended this March. After an amazing success and with buyers from across all the world - we are proud to say that we have made our course available for the general public!

Today, with your support, we are tremendously proud of the course we created, and the feedback and success stories we have received from our students make us feel we are making a great contribution to changing how people learn music all around the world.

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Hello everyone!

These last weeks have been incredible!

Thank you so much everyone for your support!

Not only have we redesigned the whole website  😀 (I hope you love the new look and feel!), but if you have been reading the blog you may have also noticed that during the last weeks we also had the VIP Pre-Release (we invited …

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The Logic Behind Music Digital Home Study Course

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since we posted on the blog, as we have been writing constant short news updates in our chat room -but today, I am writing to you today to share some really exciting news!

These have been the best days of my life…

After almost three years of intense development with the help of more

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The Piano Community

Hi Everyone! 😀

These last three months have been of intense work and incredible results!

We’ll be posting a more detailed post after the celebrations, next week, but just to give you a sneak-peek ahead, let me tell you shortly some of the news:

  • Our next release is called:
  • The Logic Behind Music

    Mastering the Secrets to Music Composition and

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    Piano Chort Charts


    During the last few weeks we have received SO many emails from our newsletter members and new site visitors asking us, when will The Piano Encyclopedia be ready, how to get one of the 25 Free copies, and asking for an update on The Piano Encyclopedia development!

    We got tons of emails like these ones:

    “Hey Rod! How are

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