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Upcoming News! The Logic Behind Music


Hi Everyone! 😀

These last three months have been of intense work and incredible results!

We’ll be posting a more detailed post after the celebrations, next week, but just to give you a sneak-peek ahead,
let me tell you shortly some of the news:

  • Our next release is called:

The Logic Behind Music

Mastering the Secrets to
Music Composition and Improvisation
in a Practical Way

  • It will be The Piano Encyclopedia’s first “Digital Home-Study Course“! 😎  . The reason it’s no longer called The Piano Encyclopedia’s “Main Lessons”, is because after so many works of intense work from our graphic designers, musicians, writers, editors, and developers,  the lessons we have finished writing are so complete, and we have packed them with so much content, that it is really a Home Study Course what we have finally achieved in the last months.It spans over two full-multimedia volumes, with interactive piano-charts, and tools for mastering composing and improvising! We’ll be releasing  Volume 1 in the very next few weeks!  😀  Volume 2 will take us at least three weeks or more.  We also had a new graphic designer and musician from Philippines, Dante,  join our team (yes! he also plays in a music band and is a musician as well as a professional designer with lots of talent),  and he has helping us design some really cool new interactive graphics for our lessons. Also with the help of Imran (web designer from India), Alan and Brian (very talented web-designers from Argentina) and other members that have contributed in the ideas, making, and conversion of  the graphics we outlined with Dante, we now have an interactive Circle of Fifths, and interactive tools for analyzing and creating chord progressions, and many more stuff that we have made along the way that just make music much easier to understand!  It’s really looking fantastic! (I’ll post the previews of that soon!)
  • Also, as we finished with the writing we had more time to dedicate it to the community, which will be completely integrated to the Digital-Home Study Course, so everyone can join the conversation and ask questions. We spent so much time with this since we wanted to release everything together. Today the Piano Encyclopedia’s new Community development has been finished and the graphics and interface have been completely redesigned! We had the fortune of incorporating into our team a new Graphic Designer -who is also a musician- (yes another musician and graphic designer!) this time from Puerto Rico (yes! we’re really proud of our team!) who has helped us redesign the graphics of the community anew. William Rivera is a fantastic person and very talented and professional in what he does, and with his design skills he has helped us redesign completely our community. With the initial contributions of Gan (web designer), Chinju (web designer), Prakash (web developer), Joan (talented web developer from Philipiness, and our community Administrator), and other team members,  the community has progressed and evolved a lot.  And now with the addittion of William to the team,  who has helped us in making a complete redesign of the looks and user interface …  the community is now looking much better than before, much easier and user friendlier! – And it is now READY to be used! Take a sneak peek here below!  😉

    The Piano Encyclopedias New Community

  • And.. we’re also upgrading our servers, and with this upgrade at the end of next week, you’ll start seeing the links to the new community! From that point on, we’ll start the bigger private alpha testing, and shortly start sending invitations to The Piano Encyclopedia’s VIP followers, and then all the followers on our list, that joined our newsletter! So everyone will get to try our new community as we go along, and as we polish up all the features along the way while we let more members in.

Stay tuned for next week! I’ll be posting more news about our Digital Home-Study Course, and posting previews! The lessons are really looking incredible, and I assure you’ll definitely agree that the wait was really worth it, because if you guys enjoyed Music Fundamentals (our 110 page eBook), you won’t believe how good this is! We’re really looking forward to change piano learning for the better, and we have worked more than a year to make this possible, so I am extremely confident that you’ll certainly LOVE “The Logic Behind Music”. It has everything you guys have been asking over the past many months, all combined together: real practical lessons that combine the experiences of many musicians and show how to master music composition and improvisation, sounds, animations, interactive  chord/ scale/ interval piano-charts, tools for improvising and composing music, real harmony examples from real songs and across different music styles, much more … and even a community for everyone to discuss what they are learning and share their piano recordings!  …

Whoa… It really has been a LOT of work with many people involved! But the results are really worth it 🙂 . What we have made it’s not just a ‘product‘ – it’s definitely a “piano-learning” experience, and this (and what’s coming) is what we had envisioned at the beginning of this project, so we’re all really proud of our work. The community is finished. Now stayed tuned, as I’ll be updating you on the release of Volume 1 of The Logic Behind Music in the very next few weeks.

Next week, more updates and previews of The Piano Encyclopedia’s first Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music”!

In the name of the whole team,
I wish a Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!

Best wishes,


P.S: Always make sure to check the Community Chat Room to get a sneak-peek into the latest news! Much things have been going around there and you will also get to meet some very nice people that are also following our development. Evenmore, you might get to meet some of the team’s members that get online everyonce in a while! Make sure to check it out! I usually always post the first news over there!!!

4 Responses to Upcoming News! The Logic Behind Music

  1. Javier Rebollo says:

    Gracias por su ayuda. Terminé de leer “Music Fundamentals” y me gustó la forma en que nos presentan conceptos de suma importancia para entender varios aspectos sobre la armonía: intervalos, acordes y escalas.
    Les felicito por el esfuerzo realizado y por la difusión del mismo.
    Javier Rebollo.

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  2. Rod says:

    Javier! Thank you so much for you comment! I am really glad that Music Fundamentals was very useful to you 🙂 . Keep in touch and make sure to tell me more about you 😀

    Below I am translating your comment so other members can also read it:

    “Thanks for your help. I finished reading ´Music Fundamentals´ and I liked the way you presented concepts that are of great value and crucial to understanding many aspects concerning harmony: intervals, chords, and scales.

    I congratulate you for the work you made and for its distribution.
    Javier Rebollo.”

    Thank you Javier!

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    • Guillermo says:

      Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con Javier Rebollo. Yo añadiría otras virtudes a “Music Fundamentals”: orden y rigor, claridad y sencillez en la exposición y un gran atractivo y amenidad en su escritura. ¡Muchas, muchas Felicidades a sus autores! ¿Hasta cuando hay que esperar para la publicación del trabajo completo?
      Guillermo Berjón. Spain.

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  3. tobie says:

    write me about jazz.

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