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Meet Bienyamien – “I struggled on my own trying to learn piano”

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Bienyamien Manuel never had a single piano lesson or even a piano, but he tried for years to teach himself to play. He never thought he’d be able to fulfill his dream because he didn’t have the money for piano books or lessons. But that changed when he became one of the seven winners of a complete copy of our Digital Home Study Course, “The Logic Behind Music”, in our 2011 December contest.

This was Bienyamien’s story:

“I think that your course will definitely help me achieve my musical dream. I read through the eBook and within one day I went through the entire 100 pages. I was really impressed with the content. I fully understood the content that was explained in the book. If I earned dollars, I would definitely purchase your course. Unfortunately I live in South Africa and earn rands. When converted to dollars it’s very expensive. I never had a music teacher in my life and reading through those notes, I said to myself with a full course like that, maybe I do not need a teacher after all. But unfortunately I can only dream of having a great piano course like yours.

Our jury selected Bienyamien’s winning entry out of the stunning 1000+ musical dreams we received during our December 2011 contest. After choosing the winners, we asked Bienyamien to tell us more about his struggle to learn piano. He said:

When I was 15 years old I wanted to learn to play the piano. I used to go to my aunt’s house who had a piano and play a little bit there. We never had a piano of our own. During the school holidays and in my free time I went to practice a little bit. I could not go as much as I would have liked because I did not want to disturb my aunt. I had nobody to teach me or no musical background at all. I just struggled on my own trying to learn some piano songs…I never mastered a single song completely.

We asked Bienyamien how it felt to be chosen as one of the winners of our 2011 contest and what he plans to do once he has fulfilled his musical dreams:

I feel very honoured to be chosen as one of the winners of the piano contest. I think the piano competition was really a good gesture of a company that really wants to help people trying to learn music. If I did not read and practice what was in the free ebook that Piano Encyclopedia offered I would not have been able to write anything or even enter the piano contest. I was inspired by the content and wrote from my heart. Definitely a course that I would recommend to anybody wanting to learn how to play the piano.


What is your dream?

It doesn’t matter what style you want to play, what age you are, what level of experience you have, or where you are in the world. You can start your lessons today! Grab a copy of our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music” and get ready to discover the talent you didn’t know you had.

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Special thanks to Bienyamien Manuel for letting us share his story. We look forward hearing more from all of our students about your progress!

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