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The Winners of our Facebook Contest.


Our contest has ended! Thank you to all our participants.

We received a stunning total of 1000 reasons why people think our Digital Home Study Course, ‘The Logic Behind Music’, can help them fulfill their musical dreams.

Your dreams were really inspiring, and we spent literally hours reading and re-reading all of them to choose the winners. We were supposed to pick only 5 winning entries, but it was so hard to choose that we decided to give away 2 extra copies of our course!

Five of the seven winners were chosen by a jury made up of members of our staff. We selected the entrants we thought our course could best help achieve their dreams. The winners of the two additional prizes we decided to give away were chosen at random from all the candidates.

Congratulations to all 7 winners! Thank you again to everyone who entered!

Kristy M. Kalmback Spencer
I started playing piano at the age of 5. I am now 37. I have been to teacher after teacher and still can’t play by ear.  All of my life I have dreamed of being able to sit down at the piano and just play with out having to read music.  I want to be able to improvise and play my own music.  I have always dreamed of singing and playing the piano as an artist. I am looking for a way to teach me to create.  I think this would be that instruction that I so desire to learn.

Hoang Thai Hoa
“I have known some courses that teach us how to play by ear, how to improvise,… But it’s really hard to understand and practise. Your course is different, it’s for EVERYONE. That’s really impressive and magical ! Now beginners like me can compose their own music. By learning your course, I think I can express my own feeling, emotion in music. And with your course, we can have everything we want to learn just by ‘click’ and ‘click’ ; it’s convenient :)”

Dellendo Farquharson
I am currently studying music at college level i believe the things i read about in your course had simplify things as to making a person who dont ever do music can understand. i believe getting this one year course will enables me to move way beyond what my pears are in college.

Bienyamien Manuel
“I think that your course will definitely help me achieving my musical dream. I read through the eBook and within one day I went through the entire 100 pages. I was really impress with the content. I fully understand the content that was explained in the book. If I have earned dollars I would definitely have purchase your course. Unfortunately I stay in South Africa and earn rands when converted to dollars is very expensive. I never had a music teacher in my life and reading through those notes I said to myself with a full course like that maybe I do not need a teacher after all. But unfortunately I can only dream of having a great piano course like yours. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Roger Thomas
“This is a dream come true.  As a young boy I took piano lessons for three years hoping to play like a pro, like blues, pop, contemporary etc.  This did not happen as I was only taught classical.  That was 40 years ago.  I have never felt fulfilled in music at all, until now, it seems I have found the “pearl of great price”  This course teaches everything I should have been taught years ago.  I am grateful to the wisdom of Piano Encyclopedia for opening up avenues I never knew existed until now.  With understanding music  comes freedom to play as you have always wanted.

Thank you,

Roger Thomas”


Richard del Rosario
I have long wanted to play piano and advance from beginner to virtuosso level to amaze my friend. I discovered your site and found there is an overwhelming amount of information and skills that I need to learn. The greatest that I discovered, though, is your innovative style of teaching that is so intriguing and attractive! How I wish I could play piano like a virtuosso and amaze my friends. Once I could and my friends start asking what’s my secret, I can proudly lead them to your site!

Sandra Loveall
“I have dreamed of learning to play a  piano for many years

just for my own enjoyment because I love music,  If I could win these lessons, I would devote many many hours to learning to play the piano well.  Growing up, my family did not have money for any kind of lessons.

Now that I am retired,I can not afford the lessons.”

For all those who participated and did not win, we hope you are enjoying our free gift for all participants: our brand new 26-page book “All Time Classics-Song for Piano”.

Winners will be contacted via email shortly!

Rod Schejtman

P.S: We received a stunning total of 1000 reasons why people think our Digital Home-Study Course, “The Logic Behind Music,” can help them fulfill their musical dreams. Read them all here:

8 Responses to The Winners of our Facebook Contest.

  1. Congradulations to the winners. I could have been one of them,only because if I could afford it I would have puchased your program long ago.But my time will come till than I will continue my studies by ear and you tube.I love your site and your program and will join as soon as my funds permits it.And thanks rob for the friendship and the free stuff.Its appreciated and helps.Keep up the good work.Your efforts are not invein.

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  2. The words I wish I could have been one of the winners of your contest is what that first oline of my comment was suppose to say.

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  3. wayne jessop says:

    😉 if this is true .lm very happy because l could never afford it.i have a small electric piano

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    • wayne jessop says:

      well l play guitar im 68 and l play bass also l sing country and old rock and big band stuff . im retiring soon but going to start playing . lcan soundm like over 30 different different singers. l have wrote over 200 songs and one song was with she daisy and albama l sing it on one of there promotion cd called the dotted line l wrote the music and words ty

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  4. Rod says:

    Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to all participants!

    Enjoy! 🙂

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  5. Uzo Favour says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. I participated in the comment contest but i didnt get the link to download the 26 page gift for all contestants. However, I am really greatful for the Piano Encyclopeadia ebook, It’s the best free downloadable Piano material available on the internet. Rod, you and your team are Indeed the best!

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  6. Kristy Spencer says:

    I just want to say Thank You!! I thought by entering this contest, if I won it would definately help me to acheive the dreams that I have desired for so many years. I had come to the conclusion that my dreams may never be realized. I can honestly say that when I came to the site to check out the winners of the contest, I wasn’t expecting to see my name. When I saw my name I had to rub my eyes. I left the website and retyped the web address very carefully so as not to get the site wrong because I couldn’t believe that my name was chosen from the list of all of the great stories. When I saw my name for the second and third time I was so overcome with gratitude and emotion that I began to cry. I am finally starting to hope that my dreams may just come true. Again Thank You 😀

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  7. It’s a long time I wanted something as this that contain an all inclusive of scales chords etc. I have spent many time searching but was unsuccessful. But I give thanks the day when I did not give up searching when I found the piano encyclopedia. To me this is an all inclusive with theory and practice.
    The idea that is behind this invention done well and I hope they keep up their good work. Today I am more than grateful to be one of the winners of such an engineer program for learning the piano.

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