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A 100-Day Trial! Valid until July 17th or the first 250 customers!

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I had a crazy idea. And we are doing it. My staff thinks I’m completely out of my mind!

Guess what happened?

I was talking to my team and we were reviewing our last two years and analyzing customer reviews of our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music”. We started counting how many beginners we had helped learn piano for the first time, and how many others we had helped discover how to play music by ear, improvise and compose their first songs – all with our course. I started to think out loud in front of my staff:

Since our Digital Home-Study Course “The Logic Behind Music” works so well for our students, how come some email subscribers have known about us for a long time, but refrain from purchasing it? What is stopping them from buying and discovering how great our course is?

They nodded, and I proposed:

What if we upgrade our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy and offer something never seen before? I say we extend the Satisfaction Guarantee up to a full 100 days -almost a third of a year- and let our buyers use all the lessons, enjoy all the animations, ask questions, and use all the learning material with no restriction whatsoever!”

My staff looked at me in shock, telling me that 100 days was too long a period for a money-back guarantee! I replied:

This means that students would really have time to test the course and see if it works for them. It would provide them enough time to learn with our system, put into practice the skills they attain, and be amazed by the results they can get from the first lessons; once they discover how much they have learned, they will want to continue with the rest of the course!

I then added:

Let’s sweeten the deal even more by offering something absolutely stunning: let’s add a “no questions asked” policy, so anyone can return our course for ANY reason at all. Let’s also give them a “no materials to ship back” policy, so that buyers know beforehand, that if they decide to ask for a refund they won’t have to spend time NOR money shipping ANYTHING back. Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll let them know that even if they decide to ask for a refund, we’ll let them keep part of the paid learning materials for FREE!

My staff told me that I was going overboard, that we shouldn’t be this groundbreaking since they had never seen ANY company offer such a satisfaction guarantee policy.

However, we truly believe in our product. Different from other companies we know with certainty that our product makes amazing changes in the musical lives of our customers. That’s why we are offering this special, even if no other company dares to do so. Our decision to make this offer is backed up by the feedback we have received from hundreds of customer’s testimonials, over the last two years.

All the risk is on us – you can order with absolute confidence. However, as we have to cover the costs of production and shipping, we are offering this “100-Day Super Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee” for just TEN DAYS (until July 17th) OR until we get to the first 250 buyers – whichever comes first.

So this might be the only time you are going to be presented with such an amazing opportunity.

I encourage you to take advantage of this offer and try our course for a full 100 days. You will be able to enjoy and use all of the content -entirely- from lessons to discussions. I am positive that you will love it – and if for ANY reason you are not absolutely thrilled, we’ll get you a full refund and you’ll even get to keep ALL the bonuses listed in this promotion, for FREE:

Click Here To Access this Exclusive Offer

Click Here To Access this Exclusive Offer

Feel free to contact us and ask any questions you might have about our course we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Rod Schejtman

P.S: Remember that this special deal will last until July 17th OR until we get to the first 250 buyers – whichever comes first. Enjoy!

And for all of our American subscribers, we hope you had a wonderful Independence Day this 4th of July!

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