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The Logic Behind Music – The Digital Home Study Course

The Piano Encyclopedia’s Team is proud to announce their next release:

The Logic Behind Music

Mastering the Secrets to
Music Composition and Improvisation
in a Practical Way

“The Logic Behind Music” will be The Piano Encyclopedia’s first “Digital Home-Study Course“!  The reason it’s no longer called The Piano Encyclopedia’s “Main Lessons”, is because after so many months of intense work from our graphic designers, musicians, writers, editors, and developers,  the lessons we have finished writing are so complete, and we have packed them with so much content, that it is really a Home Study Course what we have finally achieved in the last months. It spans over two full-multimedia volumes, with interactive piano-charts, and tools for mastering composing and improvising!

If you enjoyed Music Fundamentals (our 110 page eBook), you won’t believe how good this is. It has everything you have been asking over the past many months, all combined together: real practical lessons that combine the experiences of many musicians and show how to master music composition and improvisation, sounds, animations, interactive  chord/ scale/ interval piano-charts, tools for improvising and composing music, real harmony examples from real songs and across different music styles, much more … and even a community for everyone to discuss what they are learning and share their piano recordings!  …

Stayed tuned, as we’ll be posting on our blog news about the release of  The Logic Behind Music, in the very next few weeks.