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Get a copy of our Music Fundamentals eBook

Our Music Fundamentals eBook was launched on October 5th 2008 and has proved to be an incredible SUCCESS.

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Music Fundamentals has changed the lives of many musicians and piano-players, letting them see music from a whole new perspective, teaching them a new way of understanding intervals, chords, and scales.

  • “…it is the best 111 pages of music I have ever touched. I could not believe that there exist such logic to music playing. Maybe this is what differentiates average piano players and the exceptional ones. I began to play piano again this past two months after 10 years of idling. I practice for more than two hours each day, and after I read the report, the music sheets suddenly become so much more clear than ever before. I have a dream of being able to play piano on stage, and with what’s coming, I don’t think it is impossible anymore.Thank you for the amazing report, and it is such a perfect timing that the main product will be released soon.“ , Wilson Tjandra
  • “Thank You! Thank You! as a retired engineer with no musical experience, you have made an apparent arbitrary system logical.“, Bruce
  • “Thanks, this is with no doubt one of the greatest piano learning material on the? Internet.” – YouTube.com (http://www.youtube.com/user/pianoencyclopedia)

Music Fundamentals has really proved to be a great SUCCESS… and if you have missed it, today might be your last chance to get a $47 FREE copy as our pre-release promotion.

Check out what’s inside Music Fundamentals:

110 Pages of Unique Content

150+ Original Illustrations

7+ Piano Charts

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More comments we have received from fellow our readers:

  • “I liked your book very much I hope you will finish it soon and publish it for us. It is one of the most wonderful books I have ever seen. It goes very inline with the way I wanted to learn. ” Pipio
  • Hi Rod, I did read the Music Fundamentals book, and I was amazed for the quality of tips and information. Is really a new understanding on music that I had never know. I expect to buy the piano encyclopedia when it will be released. I’m Spanish speaking, but the book is in perfect and clear english that everybody who knows a little english could understand. Thanks and regards.” Jose Antonio
  • Hi Rod,
    I’m currently reading your report and I must admit it is fantastic! I’ve been studying piano for some years, giving up and starting again quite a lot of times…
    The project is a great idea and it will help a lot of people. I’ve never found something similar in the internet!”

The Music Fundamentals eBook, will let you master the relationship between chords, scales, and music intervals– so now you’ll be able to see songs from another perspective and advance quite fast, as we move quickly into the world of composing, improvising, and understanding music in our next lessons!

The First Piano Lesson Report Includes:

  1. Get to know the fundamentals of composing, and improvising: Discover how mastering scales, chords, and music intervals will take your piano skills to the next level.
  2. Starting right at the beginning: chords, scales, and music intervals explained!
  3. Discover how to use intervals to play any chord or scale type on ANY key, without having to memorize every single note.
  4. Understand why chords sound like they do, find out the relationship between music intervals and the basic chord types.
  5. Master the major and minor triad chords and learn to play them on any key- by using the music intervals.
  6. Get a sneak peek into more complex Jazz and Blues chords and the role music intervals play here too.
  7. Discover the relationship between Scales and intervals, and get a sneak peek into some interesting scales.
  8. Learn what scales or chords are usually helpful in creating a sad, melancholic, romantic, happy or cheerful mood for a song – and understand why.
  9. Get an introduction to all the fundamentals so you’re ready to get into composing and improvising.
  10. We’ve included Tons of Piano Interval & Chord Charts full of graphics, so you can print them out and practice everything right in your piano.
  11. And much more!

Click here to Automatically Receive
our Music Fundamentals eBook
our exclusive Piano-Chart Bonuses
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  • “Just finished first lesson. My mother (who is a piano teacher) wasn’t able to teach me this much in past oh, god knows how many years with her conventional approach (sorry, Mom). I’ll definitely show her this website. Can’t wait to start a second lesson. Thanks for doing this,guys”
  • “Hello, Rod! I’m finished to study your ebook, I must say it is an impressive work… I can’t imagine how good it will be the rest of the encyclopedia.” Manuel Marino (Professional Composer and Musician)

  • “I never thought that this report was going to be so complete and easy to understand. If this is just the beginning, I can’t wait for what is coming next.“, Pedro
  • Taugh me theory practical things that I found nowhere!! Now I feel more motivated :razz: Thank you!”, Tristan

    “I’m understanding music!” – William Rivera

  • and we have received MANY MANY more comments!!! You may read more comments and join the conversation here: Music Fundamentals Talk.

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