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These are just five out of more than fifty comments we received, taken directly from the messages:

“Hi Rod,

I just found your website a week ago and I can say that even though the report is free, it is the best 111 pages of music I have ever touched. I
could not believe that there exist such logic to music playing
. Maybe
this is what differentiates average piano players and the exceptional ones

I began to play piano again this past two months after 10 years of idling. I
practice for more than two hours each day, and after I read the report, the
music sheets suddenly become so much more clear than ever before.

I have a
dream of being able to play piano on stage, and with whatís coming, I donít
think it is impossible anymore

Wilson Tjandra

ďHi Rod,

Iím currently reading your report and I must admit it is fantastic!
Iíve been studying piano for some years, giving up and starting again quite a lot of times. Your personal history is very similar to mine The project is a great idea and it will help a lot of people.

Iíve never found something similar in the internet!Ē ,


“Thank You! Thank You! as a retired engineer with no musical experience, you have made an apparent arbitrary system logical.”

Bruce Woods

Just finished first lesson. My mother (who is a piano teacher) wasnít able to teach me this much in past oh, god knows how many years with her conventional approach (sorry, Mom). Iíll definitely show her this website. Canít wait to start a second lesson. Thanks for doing this, guys”,


“Hello. I have looked on different websites to try and find something that would help me on chords, and this was the best and easiest approach. My husband and I go to church, where everyone has some type of music ability. Iíve never been cordinated or very consistant in anything Iíve tried to play.

This has helped me, along with prayer. I am very thankful to have found such a wonderful way of teaching, thank you very
much for that!”


“Thanks to you and to the whole team for this amazing project that will help a lot of people to understand how music works!

Now I can say: “i’m understanding music!”

William Rivera

This is with no doubt one
of the greatest piano learning material on the internet.“,

cod3name47, Sweden (

“Dear Rod

I thank you very much for this website, in my point of view I would say it will most likley contribute into the comeback and the revolution of the piano once again.

I thank you very much for this. This website will help so many people with there piano work and create a useful(unlike the others online) piano community which can discuss and help students/teachers with real piano issues! I am happy to finally see all the pianos needed information to be gathered in one single site and will be using this site and contributing to it
without doubt.


Ali Janahi

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If you are just starting out, or if you feel that the only progress you are making is just learning how to play new songs or music pieces - then our Music Fundandamentals eBook will let you see music under a new light.

As a Limited-Time Only Special Launch Offer we are giving away our Music Fundamentals eBook for... FREE. Get it Now!