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How do I log-in to the community for the first time and activate my Gold Membership?

1. Locate and open the email you received when you purchased the course.

The subject of the email will have your name and "Thank you for your order".


2. Scroll to the bottom of the email and click the link that says  Bonus: Activate Your Gold Membership.        



3. On the Create New Account page, enter your preferred username and, most importantly, enter your email address exactly as you did when you purchased your course.

4. Next choose a password.  It must be between 6 and 30 characters and spaces are not allowed. You will need to type it a second time in the confirm password box.


5. Next, enter your full or first name. Your name will be displayed on your user profile and it will be visible only to the members of our site.



6. Answer the questions for your profile:



What kind of music do you like?



What instruments do you play?



Musical Experience in years



Favorite music groups



Favorite composers



About Me: General information about who you are, your musical experience, and what are you looking forward to learn and discover.


7. Select an avatar. This is your virtual face or picture that will be displayed on your profile page and your posts. To select an avatar, simply click the avatar that you would like to use once and a red box will appear around the avatar you have selected.


8. Once you have selected an avatar and  entered all your information, click Create New Account.