About Us

Years of development and more than fifty contributors from all the corners of the world - inspired musicians, pianists, developers, writers, editors, and graphic designers- have worked together to create a unique learning experience that will revolutionize the way people learn piano around the world.

Our method is not based on rules, but on logic and understanding. We donít intend to teach prospective pianists to play without understanding the music. Unlike conventional piano-teaching methods, our techniques do not enslave the students into a set of complex rules that only a few can understand, and that only professional musicians are able to master after a full life of study.

Be prepared to enjoy more than five hundred pages of interactive lessons, more than two thousand animations, interactive images and piano recordings. Become part of a community where you will be able to ask questions, meet other pianists and musicians taking the same lessons as you, share your progress, and upload videos & audio recordings, participating in music contests.

Enjoy a unique piano learning experience.

Our Mission

Mastery of the art of music composition and improvisation will no longer be reserved for the skillful and gifted musicians who are able to devote their entire life to music and piano learning.

Our mission is to change the way people learn piano all over the world.

To prove that it is a lie that only the 'gifted' can compose and truly understand music. To show the world that musicians are not born - they are made. To let pianists become not just interpreters, but also let them have the freedom of being able to improvise and create their own music.

We want to end the frustration of all piano players and show them how with simple but powerful concepts they will be able to truly understand how music works, and will be able to play the piano with freedom and mastery. Concepts that unfortunately are not taught in traditional piano lessons.

This is the mission to which all our team members are committed, looking forward to usher in a new era in the history of piano learning.