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Learn how to play the piano with freedom by discovering the logic behind music

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Recommended for all levels: first-time player, beginner, intermediate and advanced

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Enjoy over 3000 interactive graphics and learn in a fun and easy way

The Virtual Piano

Away from your piano? Play melodies and chords by using your computer’s mouse and keyboard

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Play by ear, improvise, and create your own music by discovering how music really works

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The Main Lessons of The Logic Behind Music

Play the piano like you always wanted. With a fun, engaging learning format which lets you see, listen, and even interact with more than 3000 animations and virtual on-screen piano keyboards, you will discover the hidden patterns of music.

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The Practice Booklets Of The Logic Behind Music

Put piano theory into practice. Four multimedia digital booklets full of enriching exercises and interactive charts will help you learn to play the piano with total freedom.

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The Reference Books of The Logic Behind Music

Enjoy a one of a kind musical reference library at your fingertips. You will own a multimedia library that puts ALL the most used chords, intervals, and scales used in music just a click away. Includes 2000 sound recordings and animations.

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The Playing by Ear Training Suite

Learn to play your favorite songs by ear. Develop the skills to instantly recognize the sounds of chords, scales, and intervals, and play your favorite songs by ear through 24 levels of interactive music games.

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The Sight Reading Training Suite

Discover how to read music at first sight. You will enjoy interactive games that will teach you to recognize notes, intervals, and chords at a glance. Soon you’ll be reading music as easily as you read English.

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The Interactive Harmony Guides

Learn to improvise and create your own music. Four separate interactive multimedia books that will help you harmonize all the scales used in music. Easily improvise and make your own music by following the suggested chords and scales - in four simple steps. 280 pages and 1000 interactive animations inside!

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The Virtual Piano Practice Anywhere

Be able to practice anywhere. Play chords, play melodies, or play both at the same time, using your computer’s mouse and keyboard utilizing The Virtual Piano. The Virtual Piano will be your companion as you learn the secrets of music.

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30-Days Elite Membership

Ask unlimited music questions to our staff of trained musicians, and feel like if you had multiple specialized private piano teachers assisting you. Share your progress with other students and connect with professional pianists. Access member-exclusive content and events. Discover a social learning experience.

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1000 Videos Exclusive Gallery

Enjoy an exclusive online video gallery. You will be stunned by the more than 1000 concert performances and piano master classes from the best pianists and musicians around the world. The collection includes all music styles from pop to classical, featuring the best composers of past and present.

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A Prestigious Case and An exclusive welcome letter

In addition to the instant download, we will also ship a premium CD hard copy right to your door, so that you can use it as a physical backup. This offer includes worldwide free shipping, no matter where in the world you live!

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You can start your lessons now! You will be granted access to the entire course and all material as soon as your order is processed. As soon as you complete the check-out, you will instantly be able to download all materials.

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One-Year of Free Software Upgrades

You will be granted free software upgrades to all the new releases of our Digital Home-Study Course "The Logic Behind Music" for an entire year, since the date of your purchase. This includes upgrades to the breakthrough epic 2019 release for free!

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Start reaching all your musical ambitions today! For 60 full days, you can enjoy all of the interactive lessons, ask unlimited questions to our staff of trained musicians, and use all of the multimedia materials before you decide if you want to keep it or not. If you decide that it's not for you, simply let us know to receive an instant full refund - with no questions asked. Start reaching all your musical ambitions today and become one of our next success stories!

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Begin Your Musical Journey

Play Your Favorite Music

Our lessons start by teaching you the fundamentals so you can learn how to play your very first songs. But at the same time, different from any other course, we will explain to you why do those songs sound so well, so you understand what you are playing, and can learn new songs faster. Get Started

Create yourVery own music

Contrary to popular belief, composition is a not a skill reserved for the musically gifted. In the same way a carpenter needs a hammer to build great things; musicians, also need tools. By teaching you simple but powerful concepts, we will show how you can easily create your own masterpieces. Get Started

Master the Art of Improvisation

Whether you want to improvise jazz or blues; or even, improvise classical music like Mozart and Chopin did; we will teach you the secrets. Our course is not reserved to a specific genre, the principles we will teach you, work for all music genres; including rock, gospel, pop, jazz, blues, and classical. Get Started

The Secrets to playing by Ear

The piano has 88 keys, and certainly, it is difficult to "guess" which keys to play when trying to pick your favorite song by ear. But what if we told you that with a simple trick you no longer have to guess, and you could instantly tell which seven notes will make a great part of the melody of your favorite song; and which ten chords harmonize it? Get Started

Read Sheet Music at First Sight

Hidden patters are also on sheet music. Once you learn how to recognize them, you will start seeing notes as groups of bigger things. It works in the same way as you read English: you don't read letter by letter, but actually you read words and sentences as a whole. We will teach how to do this by showing you the logic behind music. Get Started

Discover The Logic Behind Music

Learn what the greatest musicians know, but teachers never tell you. Learn the secrets passed from generation to generation in an interactive format. Stop learning through memorization. Discover the power of The Logic Behind Music and finally achieve all your musical ambitions. Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course recommended for my level?

Our Digital Home-Study Course is recommended for all skill levels: First timers player, beginners, intermediates, and experienced pianists. Whether you have taken years of lessons or have never even touched a piano before, you will learn how to play the piano with total freedom by discovering the logic behind music. Click on the Read More FAQ button to learn more about how our course will help you.

What happens once I've completed the check-out?

After you complete your order you will receive a download link by email so you can instantly download and start using the course. In less than five minutes you could be learning concepts that will completely change your piano skills. We will also ship a hard copy CD with premium case, so you can have a physical backup copy. It comes in a beautifully printed case with a welcome letter.

How safe are my payment details?

Our web servers use advanced security measures including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology, VeriSign data encryption, and industry standard firewalls, to ensure that your personal information is safe. You can order online with confidence.

I don't have a piano. Can I start using your course anyway?

Yes! Get started with our Virtual Piano software, which is included in this offer. You will be able to play chords, and melodies, at the same time with your computer mouse and keyboard. This is a great way to start until you decide to buy a keyboard or piano.


Reach All Your Musical Dreams Start Learning Today

Learn what all great musicians know but teachers never tell you. Get started with free lessons that will show you what is needed to be able to improvise, play by ear, and compose music - step by step.

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